Tim Matheson Net Worth In 2022: His Acting Profession

Tim Matheson Net Worth: Actor and director Tim Matheson was born Timothy Lewis Matthieson in the United States on December 31st, 1947. He portrayed Jonny Quest in the 1960s cartoon TV series, played Eric ‘Otter’ Stratton in the 1970s comedy Animal House, and was nominated twice for a Primetime Emmy Award as Outstanding Guest Actor in a Drama Series for his portrayal of Vice President John Hoynes on The West Wing. Matheson began his television career in 1969 when he was hired as Jim Horn in the seventh season of The Virginian, an NBC western.

In the second season’s 14th episode, titled “Logoda’s Heads,” he appeared as a guest star. Actor Tim Matheson portrayed parolee Griff King on the last season of the TV western Bonanza in 1972–1973. King worked at the Ponderosa Ranch and sought guidance from Ben Cartwright as he attempted to make positive changes in his life.

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Tim Matheson Net Worth

Tim Matheson is a $7 million net-worth actor, director, and producer. Tim Matheson’s successful career in the entertainment business spanned more than six decades. He appeared in The West Wing, Burn Notice, Hart of Dixie, and Virgin River, and he also voiced the titular character in the 1960s cartoon series Jonny Quest. Matheson has worked on a variety of films, including Yours, Mine, Ours, Magnum Force, Animal House, Dreamer, The Story of Us, and 6 Balloons. Apart from this, you have a chance to see the net worth of Michael Jace

Early Life Of Tim Matheson

Timothy Lewis Matthieson, commonly known as Tim Matheson, was born on December 31, 1947, in Glendale, California. Clifford and Sally are his mother and father’s names.

Early Life Of Tim Matheson
Early Life Of Tim Matheson

TV Acting Career Of Tim Matheson

Matheson began his acting career as a child in the early 1960s. He appeared in episodes of “Window on Main Street,” “The Alvin Show,” “Leave it to Beaver,” “My Three Sons,” and “Ripcord.” From 1964 to 1965, he gave the voice to the titular character in the animated series “Jonny Quest.” In addition to “Samson & Goliath,” “Space Ghost,” and “Sinbad Jr. and his Magic Belt,” Matheson continued to give his voice to animated productions. In 1969, he played Jim Horn in the ninth season of the Western series “The Virginian.”

Matheson’s TV production rose throughout the 1970s. He appeared in various television shows in the early 2000s, including “Bracken’s World,” “The D.A.,” “Night Gallery,” “Ironside,” “Insight,” and “Medical Center.” He also appeared as Griff King in the last season of the Western television program “Bonanza.” Later in the decade, Matheson co-starred with Kurt Russell in the disastrous Western series “The Quest.”

Television features such as “The Runaway Barge” and “Mary White,” as well as episodes of “Police Story,” “Rhoda,” “Petrocelli,” “Hawaii Five-O,” and “How the West Was Won,” filled out his 1970s CV. In the 1980s, Matheson made his television debut in a film adaptation of the play “Bus Stop.” Later, he co-starred with Catherine Hicks in the short-lived detective series Tucker’s Witch and appeared in the TV movies Listen to Your Heart, The Best Legs in Eighth Grade, and Blind Justice.

Matheson had prominent parts in two television movies near the end of the 2000s: the historical “The Littlest Victims,” in which he portrayed the first US physician to diagnose AIDS in children, and the short-lived comic “Just in Time.” Matheson was frequent in television movies in the 1990s. Among his early credits are “Buried Alive,” “Sometimes They Come Back,” “The Woman Who Sinned,” “Quicksand: No Escape,” and “Trial & Error.”

Matheson then appeared in television programs such as “An Unfinished Affair,” “Buried Secrets,” and “Forever Love.” During the same decade, he featured in the short-lived comedy Charlie Hoover and appeared as a guest performer in the anthology series Fallen Angels and Dead Man’s Gun. To close out the decade, Matheson portrayed Vice President John Hoynes on “The West Wing,” a role that garnered him a lot of attention. He stayed in the role until the program was canceled in 2006, for which he garnered two Emmy nods.

Progress In The Television Acting Career Of Tim Matheson

In the early 2000s, Matheson played President John F. Kennedy on television in “Jackie Bouvier Kennedy Onassis,” “Navigating the Heart,” “Hell Swarm,” and “Sharing the Secret.” In 2001 and 2002, he starred in the supernatural drama series “Wolf Lake,” and in 2002, he was the lead in the ill-fated series “Breaking News.” Matheson later played Andy Stewart in the biographical television film “Martha, Inc.: The Story of Martha Stewart.”

The next year, he played Pontius Pilate in the TV film Judas. From 2007 to 2013, Matheson portrayed “Dead” Larry Sizemore in the espionage series “Burn Notice.” During that time, he appeared on television shows such as “Entourage” and “White Collar,” as well as in films such as “To Love and Die” and “Body Politic.” Matheson took over the role of Dr. Bertram “Brick” Breeland on “Hart of Dixie” and continued with the show until its demise in 2015.

Matheson portrays former President Ronald Reagan in the 2016 TV film “Killing Reagan.” The next year, he made his first of two guest appearances on the political drama “Madam Secretary” and the comedy “Me, Myself, and I.” Following that, Matheson’s cameo performances on series such as “The Good Fight,” “The Affair,” and “The Goldbergs” made him a household name. He began his role as Dr. Doc Mullins in the blockbuster Netflix drama series Virgin River in 2019. Matheson has also appeared often in the family drama “This is Us” and the supernatural horror film “Evil.”

Filming Art Of Tim Matheson

Matheson made his cinematic debut in 1967 with the picture “Divorce American Style.” Later, in the family drama Yours, Mine, and Ours, he played Mike Beardsley, one of the ten Beardsley children. Matheson’s final work from the 1960s was the romantic comedy “How to Commit Marriage.” He portrayed Officer Phil Sweet in Clint Eastwood’s “Magnum Force,” a crime thriller starring Burt Lancaster. Five years later, Matheson co-starred in the comedy “Animal House” with John Belushi as Eric “Otter” Stratton, and the role became one of his most recognizable.

He then starred in “Dreamer,” “The Apple Dumpling Gang Rides Again,” and “1941” after “Almost Summer.” Matheson appeared in the comedies “A Little Sex” (1982) with Kate Capshaw and “To Be or Not to Be” (1983), a remake of the military comedy “To Be or Not to Be.” Following that, he had main roles in films such as “Impulse,” a science fiction thriller, and “The House of God,” a comedy. In 1985, the neo-noir comic thriller “Fletch,” starring Matheson and Chevy Chase, was released.

He rounded off the decade with a role in the action comedy “Speed Zone.” Matheson had a busy 1990s, acting in films such as “The Story of Us,” “Solar Crisis,” “Black Sheep,” “A Very Brady Sequel,” “A Very Unlucky Leprechaun,” and “A Very Brady Sequel.” Among the notable works he has contributed to in the twenty-first century is “Chump Change,” “Van Wilder,” “Don’t Come Knocking,” “Redline,” “6 Balloons,” and the planned “Child’s Play” remake in 2019.

Matheson has worked in both cinema and television. “Ed,” “Without a Trace,” “Cold Case,” “Las Vegas,” “The West Wing,” “Criminal Minds,” “Psych,” “Burn Notice,” “Hart of Dixie,” “The Last Ship,” and “Virgin River” are just a few of the shows he has directed episodes for. Matheson directed “Breach of Conduct,” “Buried Alive II,” “In the Company of Spies,” and “True Confessions of a Hollywood Starlet.”

Personal Life Of Tim Matheson

In 1968, Matheson married Jennifer Leak, an actress he met on the set of “Yours, Mine, and Ours.” They divorced legally in 1971. Matheson married Megan Murphy in 1985, and the couple has three children. The couple divorced in 2010. Matheson married Elizabeth Marighetto for the third time in 2018 to complete his family.

Real Estate Of Tim Matheson

Tim splits his time between a waterfront condo in Marina Del Rey and a home in Montecito, about an hour north.

In Conclusion

Tim Matheson is an American actor, director, and producer best known for his performance as the slick-talking “Eric “Otter” Stratton” in National Lampoon’s Animal House (1978). He was nominated for two Primetime Emmy awards for Best Guest Star in a Drama Series for his work as “Vice President John Hoynes” on The West Wing (1999).

Matheson co-starred opposite Rachel Bilson in the CW’s Hart of Dixie (2011) as Dr. Brick Breeland from 2011 until 2015. Many episodes have been directed by him throughout the seasons. In addition to directing episodes of “Hart of Dixie,” Matheson has worked on a variety of other popular television programs. Fox’s “The Good Guys” and USA Network’s “White Collar,” all of which have won critical praise, are among them, as are pilots for “The Last Ship,” “Criminal Minds,” “Without a Trace,” “Cold Case,” “Numbers,” “Drop Dead Diva,” “Suits,” “Eureka,” and “White Collar.” For related content, please visit our website digihindnews.com


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