Tribal Woman From Tulsipet Village Gives Birth On Road!!

In the Nirmal area of Telangana, near Hyderabad, an Adivasi woman gave birth on the road while waiting for an ambulance. Because the ambulance was late in responding to the family’s request, the woman could not be transferred to the hospital in time. They were informed that the car was out of gas. On Thursday night, Gangamani, a resident of the small village of Tulsipet in the district of Pembi, began experiencing contractions.

Images of deliveries made at the curbside

Issues with road connections

The woman’s family had to carry her across a stream and to the nearest road on their hands because their community lacked access to any roads. They dialed the 108 emergency number and were told the ambulance was out of gas before taking them to the government hospital near the mandal headquarters.

After the baby was born, the ambulance finally showed up. The communities have asked for better access to the outside world by building roads.

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Safety of mother and child

After four hours of labor pains, the mother gave birth on the side of the road with the support of her loved ones. The mother and her newborn son were transferred to the hospital in good health.

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