Users Will Be Able To Get Programs From Sources Other Than The App Store Thanks To Apple’s iOS 17

According to a trustworthy source on April 16, 2023, Apple is finally going to permit customers to sideload third-party apps on devices running iOS 17 in response to multiple community demands over time. After this modification goes into effect, users will be allowed to download apps from sources other than the company’s official app store, the App Store.

Following the passage of the Digital Markets Act by the European Union, which requires businesses to permit the installation of third-party apps, Mark Gurman of Bloomberg has provided this information.

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Apple’s Move To Allow Sideloading Apps On iOS 17 Will Help Developers Lessen Their Cost

In-app purchases and purchasable apps currently incur a 30% fee from Apple, which is decreased to 15% in later years. Naturally, no company model benefits from paying up to 30% commission for app distribution. However, if sideloading software and independent app shops are permitted, developers can easily avoid the added expense.

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According to Gurman, Apple’s stance on third-party applications will change with the release of iOS 17. The well-known industry insider claims that the business intends to remove its prohibitions on sideloading apps by 2024, implying that iOS 17 will serve as the standard-bearer for this transformation. Despite the fact that the Digital Markets Act was enacted in September 2022, businesses have until March 2024 to comply with the regulations, giving Apple plenty of time to plan for the significant change.

Fans might anticipate that the well-known software company will discuss its plans for sideloading and third-party apps at WWDC 2023. This announcement can, however, possibly be put off until later in the year. Additionally, these functionalities might be introduced in Europe earlier than in other regions as a result of the EU’s strict requirements.

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