AI Robot Bard From Google Now Helps People Write And Fix Code

To assist users with programming and software development activities, such as code generation, code debugging, and explanation, Google has improved its AI chatbot known as Bard. More than 20 programming languages, including C++, Go, Java, Javascript, Python, and Typescript, are being introduced by the company.

“You can easily export Python code to Google Colab — no copy and paste required. Bard can also assist with writing functions for Google Sheets,” said the tech giant.

Bard Can Also Explain Code Snippets For People

Bard can assist users understand code snippets in addition to producing it, especially those who are just starting to learn to program. According to the business, if Bard provides you with an error message or a piece of code that deviates from what you intended, all you need to do is tell Bard “This code didn’t work, please fix it” and it will assist you in the debugging process. Bard is still a young experiment, and Google acknowledged that it occasionally presents information in a confident manner despite being erroneous, deceptive, or false.

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Always Double-Check Bard’s Responses

But when it comes to coding, Bard might give you functional code that doesn’t deliver the desired results or give you imperfect or incomplete code. Before relying on code, “always double-check Bard’s responses and carefully test and review code for errors, bugs, and vulnerabilities,” the business advised. With everyday chores like creating presentations and lesson plans, coming up with new recipes, or organizing an exercise schedule, Bard is already assisting individuals.

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Alphabet and Google CEO Sundar Pichai is alarmed by the popularity of Microsoft-owned OpenAI’s ChatGPT and has established a team to assist the company in developing more capable AI systems in a responsible and safe manner. The Brain team from Google Research and DeepMind will join forces to form this organization, which will be known as “Google DeepMind.”

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