Violent Clash Erupts Between Chemist Shop Employees Over Customer Attraction in Chandigarh

In Sector 11 of Chandigarh, a violent confrontation broke out among employees of various chemist shops, ignited by an intense competition to lure in customers. The incident, captured in a video that went viral on Tuesday, showcased a shocking escalation of aggression.

The video depicts employees engaging in a fierce brawl, employing bricks, stones, and chairs as makeshift weapons against each other. The altercation spiraled out of control shortly after employees started vocally advertising better deals and services at their respective stores to passing potential customers.

View the video below

The scene quickly descended into chaos as individuals grabbed any objects within reach, turning them into weapons in a desperate bid to outdo one another. The footage captures a particularly distressing moment where an individual, knocked to the ground, gets kicked mercilessly by an attacker, while others swing chairs wildly in the melee.

The exact number of individuals injured in the fracas remains unclear, although it was reported that no life-threatening injuries were sustained. Nonetheless, the violent clash has left a black mark on the locality, raising concerns over the extreme lengths to which competition can drive individuals, showcasing a dark side to the rivalry for customer patronage in an otherwise mundane setting.

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