Punjab Police and BSF Collaboration: 12 Kg Heroin Seized in Gurdaspur Sector!!

In a remarkable joint operation between the Punjab Police and the Border Security Force (BSF), two drug smugglers were apprehended near the international border in the Gurdaspur sector. This operation led to the significant seizure of 12 kilograms of heroin and a whopping sum of Rs 19.3 lakhs in cash.

The Breakthrough Announcement

Director General of Police (DGP) for Punjab, Gaurav Yadav, made the groundbreaking announcement, shedding light on this major development. With great enthusiasm, he shared, “Big blow to Trans-Border narcotic network: Gurdaspur Police & BSF, in a joint operation, have seized 12 kg heroin along with Rs 19.3 lakh drug money from two smugglers.”

The Details of the Seizure

Elaborating on the intricacies of the seizure, a BSF officer disclosed that their team had detected an intrusion of a drone near Chaura Kalan village in Gurdaspur district on a Sunday morning. Following this alarming discovery, a coordinated search operation was initiated in collaboration with the Punjab Police.

During the search operation, the smugglers attempted to flee from the scene but were swiftly apprehended by law enforcement officers. It was during their subsequent interrogation that crucial details emerged.

Drone-Aided Drug Drop

According to official information obtained during the investigation, the accused individuals revealed that 12 packets, totaling a staggering 12 kilograms of narcotics, along with Rs 19.3 lakhs in cash, had been dropped by a drone. These illicit materials were successfully recovered by the diligent search parties.

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Another Drone-Related Incident

In a parallel incident that further underscores the ongoing challenges in the region, media reports have indicated that a BSF team successfully shot down a drone near Mahawa village in Amritsar on the preceding Saturday. This operation led to the recovery of 500 grams of narcotics from the downed drone.

In conclusion, the joint efforts of the Punjab Police and BSF have dealt a significant blow to drug smuggling operations in the Gurdaspur sector. The seizure of 12 kilograms of heroin and the substantial amount of cash underscore the severity of the situation. Such collaborative efforts are vital in maintaining law and order along the international border, and they serve as a testament to the unwavering commitment of our security forces.

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