19-year-old Dalit Girl Gang-raped Murdered, and Acid-attacked in Rajasthan

In a horrifying incident that has sent shockwaves across the nation, a 19-year-old Dalit girl was allegedly gang-raped, murdered, and subjected to an acid attack in Rajasthan.

The brutal crime occurred in Karauli’s Nadauti area, where the victim’s body was discovered in a well on Bhilapada road. Local authorities are investigating the case, with the police revealing some initial details about the tragic event.

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Details of the Incident

According to Babulal, a police officer from Nadoti, the authorities received information around 9:00 pm regarding the body of a girl found in a well on Bhilapada road. Upon reaching the spot, the police retrieved the body and identified the victim as Aarti Bairwa, a 19-year-old resident of Mohanpura village under Balghat police station.

19-year-old Dalit Girl Gang-raped, Murdered, and Acid-attacked in Rajasthan
19-year-old Dalit Girl Gang-raped, Murdered, and Acid-attacked in Rajasthan

The police have initiated the necessary procedures, including conducting a postmortem examination, which will be held at the district hospital in Hindaun. The findings of the medical review will play a crucial role in determining further action as the investigation into the case expands.

Outrage and Demands for Justice

This heinous crime has sparked widespread anger and condemnation from various sections of society. Activists, politicians, and citizens demand swift and stringent action against the perpetrators. The brutal nature of the assault, involving both rape and acid attack, highlights the extreme violence women face in vulnerable communities.

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