Who Is Aesha Mukherjee? Here’s What We Know About Shikhar’s Estranged Wife!!

Recently, there has been much discussion about Aesha Mukerji, the estranged wife of Indian cricket player Shikhar Dhawan. Aesha has been ordered by the Delhi Family Court to bring their nine-year-old kid to India for a family get-together. This ruling highlights the fact that a mother’s rights over her kid are not exclusive. Let’s examine Aesha’s history and journey in more detail.

Aesha Mukherjee History And Lineage

Aesha Mukerji was born on August 27, 1975, into an Indian middle-class family. She finished her education in India before moving to Australia to continue her studies. Her mother is of British descent, but her father is Bengali.

Aesha Mukherjee History And Lineage
Aesha Mukherjee History And Lineage

Interests And Passions

Aesha Mukherjee is well-known for her fervent religious convictions and her passion for Indian food preparation. She is an enthusiastic sports fan who is particularly interested in fitness and kickboxing.
She also enjoys getting tattoos; her daughter’s name is among the well-known ones that cover her biceps.

Do you know who was Aesha Mukherjee’s first husband?

Aesha Mukherjee’s Initial Marriage

Aesha was married to an Australian businessman before she married Shikhar Dhawan. They had two daughters together. In 2012, the couple decided to separate amicably.

Shikhar And Aesha’s Marriage

Facebook allowed Aesha Mukerji and Shikhar Dhawan to connect, owing to their common friend Harbhajan Singh. Aesha became closer to Shikhar because of her passion for cricket and their common interests with Harbhajan. Following their initial difficulties—which included a 12-year age gap—Shikihar persuaded his family, and in October 2012, they were married. Several celebrities and cricket players attended their traditional Sikh wedding.

Skills And Interests Of Aesha

Aesha Mukerji speaks Bengali with ease, even though she has lived in Australia since she was a young child. She continues to be passionate about sports, keeping up a strict exercise regimen and actively training in kickboxing. She not only got her own tattoos but also persuaded her 18-year-old daughter to get one, demonstrating her obvious passion for tattoos.

Shikhar And Aesha’s Divorce

Aesha Mukerji announced her divorce from Shikhar Dhawan on Instagram in 2021 with an emotional statement. Following eight years of matrimony, the couple chose to divorce, with no information provided as to why.

There have been many ups and downs in Aesha Mukerji’s path from kickboxing to marrying an Indian cricket star. Her experience navigating the difficulties of divorce and child custody serves as a reminder that intimate relationships are delicate and that people’s privacy should be respected.

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