Akshara Singh Husband: Are The Rumors About Her Marriage True?

Akshara Singh, a Bhojpuri actress, is frequently in the headlines for both her personal and professional lives. Nobody is unaware of her romance with Powerstar Pawan Singh or their split. Fans are eager to see the actress get married and can’t wait for her wedding date. We will explore the subject of Akshara Singh’s husband in this article. Scroll down to see the answers!

Who Is Akshara Singh’s Husband?

Akshara Singh has lately participated in a photoshoot, and in the most recent picture, she can be seen married. Furthermore, she is seen married not to anybody else but to Vikrant Singh Rajput, who is the spouse of actress Monalisa.

Who Is Akshara Singh's Husband
Who Is Akshara Singh’s Husband

Akshara Singh posted her most recent image to Instagram, and it quickly gained popularity online. If we discuss the actress’s appearance in the photo that went viral on social media and put her in the headlines, she is seen wearing a salwar suit and has a flower garland around her neck. She also added vermillion to her forehead to round off her appearance.

Check out the official Instagram post uploaded by Akshara Singh here.


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Simultaneously, Monalisa’s spouse and Bhojpuri celebrity Vikrant Singh Rajput can be observed in the picture alongside her. He is wearing a kurta, a tilak on his forehead, and a garland around his neck. They both look amazing as they pose together. People are leaving ferocious comments on this picture, with one question on everyone’s mind: did the actress wed Monalisa’s husband? Or there may be another issue.

There are now two grounds for believing that. Akshara is compelling people to consider her marriage in two ways: first, by posing with the actor and wearing vermilion in her Maang; and second, by writing a caption that goes with her picture.“Jaan, I love you,” the actress wrote in the caption.

The Bhojpuri actress did not specify whether or not she is married when she shared the photo. But as far as we can tell, this is all a matter of perception rather than reality. Since Vikrant and Monalisa were married more than five years ago, there has never been a disagreement between them. Their close relationship prevents them from being apart.

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Is Akshara Singh Considered The Bhojpuri Fashion Icon?

Yes, that’s true. Akshara Singh is the Bhojpuri industry’s fashion icon. Because of her appearance, she frequently makes news. Fans also enjoy her photoshoots, which she continues to share with them. Fans also have affectionate nicknames for her. On the other hand, Akshara Singh’s most recent appearance was in the Bhojpuri music video for the song “Tanha Hun Main.”She was spotted with Manoj Tiwari in this.

In conclusion, it’s unclear if Akshara Singh and Vikrant Singh Rajput are married or not. We will without a doubt update this article if there are any updates. Check out Digi Hind News, our page, until then.

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