Exclusive: Allu Arjun Takes You Inside Pushpa 2 Sets in Jaw-Dropping Tour!!

Join Allu Arjun as he partners with Instagram to provide a delightful peek into his daily life. The popular actor invites fans to explore his Hyderabad home and offers an exciting glimpse of the sets of his upcoming movie, “Pushpa 2: The Rule.”

Starting With the Journey of Allu Arjun as He Welcomes Instagram to Hyderabad

Allu Arjun kicks off the video with a warm welcome to his followers on Instagram. He shares his excitement to guide them through a day in his life, starting from his vibrant city of Hyderabad, India. He introduces his latest venture, Pushpa 2: The Rule:


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Before delving into the world of cinema, Allu Arjun treats us to a tour of his Hyderabad residence. The tour includes glimpses of his serene garden and inviting poolside. He shares his morning ritual, revealing that he cherishes these moments for setting his intentions for the day.

In his garden, Allu Arjun embraces the natural way of waking up. He acknowledges the beauty of his garden and describes how this calm morning atmosphere, filled with light, energizes him. With a cup of coffee in hand, he transitions into the next part of his day.

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The actor brings his fans closer to his heart by sharing a special afternoon routine. Every day around 1 PM, he calls his family, highlighting their importance as the core of his world. This touching gesture reflects the strong bond he maintains despite his busy schedule.

Allu Arjun invites us to Ramoji Film City, a renowned global film studio located in Hyderabad. He captures selfies with his devoted fans, emphasizing the unique connection he shares with his Indian fanbase. He acknowledges their vital role in fueling his motivation.

Allu Arjun shows Pushpa 2 Set

A Recent Triumph: National Film Award Win

In the midst of his commitments, Allu Arjun takes a moment to celebrate his recent achievement. He proudly shares his victory at the National Film Awards, where he was honored as the Best Actor for his role in Pushpa: The Rise, the first installment of the “Pushpa” series.

With this engaging Instagram collaboration, Allu Arjun provides a personal glimpse into his life. From his tranquil mornings at home to the bustling energy of the film sets, he offers a unique behind-the-scenes experience to his devoted fans. Dive into a pool of fresh insights about your favorite idols with Digi Hind News.

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