Organizers Apologize for AR Rahman Concert Issues: “We Take Full Responsibility”

After the recent concert featuring music legend AR Rahman on September 10th faced various problems, the event’s organizers, ACTC Events, issued an apology and promised to make amends.

Organizer’s Apology For Rahman’s Concert Issues

Hemanth, the founder and CEO of ACTC Events, shared a video on Instagram where he expressed regret for the inconveniences caused during the concert. He wanted to ensure that AR Rahman was not unfairly targeted on social media for these issues:


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The event planner, Hemanth, made it clear that AR Rahman was not responsible for the problems people faced. Rahman’s role was simply to deliver a spectacular performance, which he did. Those who attended the concert and were seated enjoyed the show as intended.

Hemanth acknowledged the inconveniences faced by concert-goers, such as difficulties entering despite having tickets. He apologized for these problems and emphasized that ACTC Events takes full responsibility for the issues that occurred.

AR Rahman Concert Issue

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Refunds for Those Who Missed Out

To make amends, Hemanth assured that they would refund the ticket cost for those who were unable to attend the concert due to the problems. They are committed to validating and verifying the requests for refunds and will process them promptly.

AR Rahman’s concert in Chennai draws flak from fans over alleged mismanagement. One fan allegedly said:

“We paid Rs 5,000 for this ticket but were made to stand outside. They didn’t let us go (inside). The issue was not with the crowd, but with the one who organised this event. There were a limited number of seats, but they sold more tickets.”

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Proper Arrangements and Permissions

Hemanth clarified that they had obtained all the necessary permissions for the concert and made all the required arrangements. However, certain unexpected issues, such as overcrowding and ticket duplications, occurred.

The concert also faced controversies related to traffic congestion on the busy East Coast Road and incidents of ticket-holders being denied entry. Hemanth acknowledged these issues and expressed their commitment to resolving them.

In conclusion, ACTC Events has taken responsibility for the inconveniences during the AR Rahman concert and is actively working to refund ticket costs for affected individuals. They have also emphasized that Rahman himself should not be blamed for the problems faced.

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