Arjun Kanungo’s Groundbreaking Indian-Japanese Collaboration for Upcoming Album!!

Renowned singer Arjun Kanungo is all set to break new ground in the music industry with his upcoming album “Industry 2,” which features a groundbreaking collaboration with Japanese artists Julie and Cyber Rui.

This venture marks the first-ever Indian-Japanese musical collaboration, adding a special significance to the project. Arjun Kanungo emphasizes that the music and songwriting for “Industry 2” were already completed before the collaboration with Julie and Cyber Rui:


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Arjun shares his experiences of working with Japanese artists and shooting music videos in the breathtaking landscapes of Japan.

Arjun Kanungo’s Indian-Japanese Collaboration

Arjun Kanungo’s passion for musical experimentation and the constant pursuit of novelty led him to explore new horizons. During his frequent visits to Japan since 2016, he developed a deep appreciation for the country’s rich culture.

It was during his last visit that the idea of collaborating with renowned Japanese artists was proposed by his manager. Excited by the prospect of offering something fresh to the audience, Arjun eagerly embraced the unique opportunity.

Exciting updates for eager Bollywood fans:

Challenges in the Production Process

Although the collaboration promised a unique blend of cultures, the shoot in Tokyo posed several challenges due to a lack of awareness about local regulations and language barriers.

Issues with the hired production house and unforeseen restrictions on shooting locations caused initial setbacks—the language barrier, with the entire crew unfamiliar with Japanese, further complicated communication during the shoot.

Despite these obstacles, the team’s determination and adaptability helped them overcome these hurdles and complete the project.

arjun kanungo Japanese Collaboration

While cross-country collaborations often facilitate the fusion of diverse cultural elements, Arjun Kanungo emphasizes that the music and songwriting for “Industry 2” were already completed before the collaboration with Julie and Cyber Rui.

Their addition to the project enriched the track without significantly altering its Indian essence. Julie’s distinct hip-hop style found a harmonious place within the existing composition, resulting in a seamless blend of influences.

Implications for Future Collaborations

Arjun Kanungo believes that this pathbreaking Indian-Japanese collaboration opens new doors for artists from both countries to collaborate and create magical music. The success of “Industry 2” will likely inspire more cross-cultural ventures, fostering greater artistic exchange and cultural appreciation between India and Japan.

With its distinct fusion of musical styles, the album promises to captivate audiences with its harmonious blend of Indian and Japanese influences. This groundbreaking collaboration serves as a testament to the power of cross-country partnerships in enriching the world of music and fostering cultural appreciation.

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