Barry Season 4: Release Date, Cast, Plot And Everything We Know So Far

Barry Season 4: When your protagonist is a convicted killer, it’s tough to keep up the narrative. That’s the situation Bill Hader’s HBO series Barry finds itself in after the tense conclusion of its third installment.

Season 3’s conclusion may have felt like the series finale, but the fourth season of TV’s most critically acclaimed black comedy has been given the go-ahead. What can we anticipate from Barry’s fourth season? Barry Berkman, the former hitman turned actor, was last seen being arrested after being lured into an ambush by acting coach Gene Cousineau (Henry Winkler).

This must be the end, right? Most hitmen won’t hit a man who is locked up in a cell. Hader, speaking with The Hollywood Reporter, said that they are far from finished with this issue. Saying, “I’ve always thought of this as one big Vanity Fair article,” he elaborated. This is the part where it says ‘And then he got caught, and then this happened,’ which is my favorite because I love true crime. It’s not as simple as that.

Forget the repercussions; we’re right back here. The show’s creator and star, Bill Hader, will direct all eight episodes of the upcoming fourth season. Hader previously directed 10 episodes over the first three seasons. But what will he be directing, and will he be wearing an orange jumpsuit?

Barry Season 4: Release Date

Season one premiered in March of 2018, and season two in March of 2019, but season three won’t air until April 2022.

Season four of Barry is expected to air in the spring of 2023, which makes sense given that Hader had already begun writing for it before the third season had even been filmed.

As with previous seasons, the show will premiere on HBO Max in the United States and then air on Sky and NOW in the United Kingdom simultaneously with the American premiere.

Barry Season 4: Cast

There will be a full cast resumé in the fourth season of Barry, including everyone who played a significant role in seasons two and three. A few examples are Bill Hader, Sarah Goldberg, Henry Winkler, and Stephen Root.

Barry Season 4
Barry Season 4

Read on to find out everything that’s left to know about Barry Season 4!

  • Bill Hader as Barry Berkman
  • Sarah Goldberg as Sally Reed
  • Henry Winkler as Gene Cousineau
  • Stephen Root as Monroe Fuches
  • Anthony Carrigan as NoHo Hank
  • Michael Irby as Cristobal Sifuentes
  • D’Arcy Carden as Natalie Greer
  • James Hiroyuki Liao as Albert Nguyen

Barry Season 4: Plotline

Even with Barry getting at least some justice for some of his crimes, Hader thinks there are plenty of stories to tell here. Barry season 4 could go in any number of directions, as the show’s star isn’t afraid to take it in unconventional or even bleak ones.

The actor has remained tight-lipped about Season 4’s plot details, but he did say he was “surprised” when rumors began to circulate that Season 3 would be the series finale.

Concerns have been raised about Sally, as well as Cousineau and Hank. “We’ve just gotten deeper into them and what they’re experiencing, and I want to see how they handle that,” Hader told the Hollywood Reporter.

Hader has made it clear that the epidemic of murder is spreading throughout the world of his show, which includes those other characters as well. During an interview with The Wrap, Hader referred to “Barry’s disease,” which afflicts not only Barry but also his sometimes-partner Sally (Sarah Goldberg) and NoHo Hank (Anthony Carrigan), a member of the Chechen mafia. Now they kill one another, and history shows that murderers are rarely happy people.

Hader responded to the criticism that the show had become too dark and had lost all traces of the comedy for which it was initially marketed.

Is it as bleak as the news makes it seem? he asked The Wrap. Actually, no. Could it possibly be a reaction to recent events? Yeah. Is it a representation of the way people have acted toward one another hopefully throughout history? Maybe. Not sure. Well, that’s just how I feel.

Is season 4 of Barry going to be the last?

There has been no official word on the matter, but Henry Winkler seems to think it’s a possibility. When pushed, “Bill [Hader] and Alec [Berg] never try to stretch [themselves].” When asked by Variety about the show’s possible cancellation, Winkler said, “they don’t want to push it.” No need to freak out just yet, though; neither Hader nor Berg have commented.

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