Did You Know? Chandramukhi 2 Music Holds 10 Mesmerizing Songs Unveiled!!

Renowned choreographer-turned-actor Raghava Lawrence is set to grace the screen in Chandramukhi 2, the official sequel to Rajinikanth’s 2005 hit. Directed by P Vasu, the movie features Kangana Ranaut in a leading role.

MM Keeravaani’s Revelation

Oscar-winner MM Keeravaani, the music director for Chandramukhi 2, has surprised fans with a revelation. He disclosed that the album will feature a total of 10 songs:

Plunge into a world of sizzling trends:

The composer expressed his gratitude as his work on the movie’s music concludes, leaving fans eagerly anticipating the remaining tracks.

Chandramukhi 2, a thrilling horror-comedy, is anticipated to grace theaters on September 15, 2023, in various Indian languages, including Telugu. Dubbing is currently underway for this pan-Indian venture by Lyca Productions:

Besides Raghava Lawrence and Kangana Ranaut, Chandramukhi 2 boasts a star-studded ensemble cast including Vadivelu, Radhika Sarathkumar, Mahima Nambiar, Lakshmi Menon, and more. The film features RD Rajasekar as the cinematographer and Lewellyn Gonsalvez as the editor.

Sequel Speculation and Chandramukhi Legacy

While Chandramukhi 2 is the sequel to the 2005 hit, it’s yet to be clarified whether it continues the original storyline of the Malayalam film Manichitrathazhu.

The movie, set to release for Vinayaka Chaturthi in September, holds high anticipation among fans of the franchise. The original Chandramukhi, released in 2005, was a remake of the Malayalam film Manichitrathazhu (1997).

Chandranmukhi 2 songs

Starring Rajinikanth, Prabhu, Jyotika, Nayanthara, and Vadivelu, it became a massive success. However, the sequel’s plot is still shrouded in mystery, intriguing fans about its connection to the beloved original.

P Vasu, who helmed the prequel, is also directing Chandramukhi 2. Backed by the reputable Lyca Productions, the movie’s anticipation is heightened with the promising blend of directorial experience and fresh storytelling.

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A Musical Journey Marks Your Calendar

The debut song “Swagathaanjali” has already set the tone for the musical journey of Chandramukhi 2:

With Oscar-winning composer MM Keeravaani at the helm, the audience is in for an auditory treat with the remaining 9 songs, each likely to add depth and emotion to the storyline.

With the movie slated to release on September 15, fans are counting down the days to experience the cinematic magic of Chandramukhi 2. As anticipation builds, the movie’s intriguing mix of horror and comedy, coupled with its musical prowess, promises a thrilling and entertaining ride for audiences.

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