CJ Harris Cause Of Death: C J Harris Who Once Tried Out for American Idol Died at Age 31

CJ Harris Cause Of Death: While competing on the 13th season of “American Idol,” singer C.J. Harris came in at position #6. In a sad turn of events, C.J. Harris, a fan favorite from “American Idol,” has passed away. He was 31. The cast and crew of “American Idol” announced the news and expressed their deepest condolences on Instagram.

They wrote, “The news of C.J. Harris’s passing deeply saddens us. He was an incredible talent.” We will miss him dearly.” The reason for the musician’s death is unknown at this time.


A resident of Jasper, Alabama at the time of competition, Harris placed sixth on the show’s thirteenth season. The 2014 series, which Caleb Johnson eventually won, aired that year. Simon Cowell explains why he declined a talk show offer.

Harris’ 2019 debut single, “In Love,” followed his “Idol” debut. Sam Woolf, who placed fifth overall, paid tribute to Harris by reminiscing about when they were both competing on the show. A genuine and loving person, Cj was, he wrote on Instagram. We hit it off onstage and became instant friends, eventually sharing a room together on the tour.

What’s more, “I’m thankful beyond words to have shared that unforgettable adventure with him, Caleb, and Alex. The members of his family are in my prayers. Let your guard down, bro.” Third-place finisher Alex Preston posed for a photo next to a tour bus with C.J., Sam, and Caleb.

As his writing demonstrated: “RIP CJ. I woke up from what I thought was a dream, and I can’t believe what I found. I adore you. The good times we had together will remain in my memory forever.” Caleb recalled his time spent in “Hollywood week” as roommates with C.J. and members of a brotherhood pack with Sam and Alex.

“With you, CJ, I have accumulated an incomparable store of precious recollections and Our existence is so precarious. That our paths crossed in this life is something for which I am eternally grateful “Johnson continued. “It was impossible to be in the same room as you and not feel happier for having seen your radiant face and heard your infectious laughter. I adore you as my sibling.”

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