Unfortunate Incident in Kanpur: Dalit Young Man Assaulted for Sitting in a Temple!!

In a shocking incident that unfolded in Kanpur, a young man from the Nat community was brutally beaten for daring to sit inside a temple. This appalling act of discrimination has ignited outrage, and the police have launched an investigation into the matter. Here’s what transpired in this distressing incident:

A Clash of Beliefs: Temple Assault in Kanpur

It is often said that faith knows no boundaries of caste or religion, as God is equal for all. However, a disturbing incident in Kanpur’s Sen West police station area has brought to light the dark side of prejudice.

Extortion and Aggression Unleashed

On the morning of September 21, 2023, Gulshan Kumar, a resident of Sakrapur in the Sen West Para police station area, peacefully sat in the Mahadevan temple near his home. Little did he know that his act of devotion would turn into a nightmare.

A group of unidentified individuals, accompanied by village residents Sonu Pal, Monu Pal, and Jeevanlal, confronted Gulshan Kumar inside the temple. They accused him of defiling the sacred place and demanded an astonishing sum of Rs 10,000 for its cleansing.

Standing Up for Inclusivity

In the face of this unjust demand, Gulshan Kumar valiantly defended the universal sanctity of the temple. He questioned, “How can this temple be impure when it is meant for everyone?” His words, however, fell on deaf ears.

The aggressors, fueled by bigotry, resorted to violence. They mercilessly beat Gulshan Kumar with sticks, leaving him with a broken hand and severe leg injuries. As the situation escalated, Gulshan fled towards his home, only to be chased, subjected to further violence, and even had a noose placed around his neck.

Frustration with Law Enforcement

In a desperate attempt to seek justice, Gulshan Kumar and his family filed a complaint at the New Azad Nagar outpost and Sen West Para police station. However, their plea was met with indifference, as the police failed to take any immediate action.

Demanding Justice

Undeterred by the initial apathy, the Nat community rallied together, determined to secure justice for Gulshan Kumar. They took their grievances to the Deputy Commissioner of Police’s office, seeking intervention and redress.

Police Action and Ongoing Investigation

The Sen West police station in-charge, Pawan Kumar, confirmed that a case had been registered based on Gulshan Kumar’s complaint. An investigation was underway to identify and apprehend the culprits. The victim had reported the assault in the temple and the extortion attempt of Rs 10,000.

On a positive note, the police have already made one arrest in this case – Monu Pal was apprehended on Sunday. A relentless search for the other accused individuals is currently underway. The police are committed to thoroughly examining all aspects of the incident.

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Promoting Inclusivity and Tolerance

ADCP Women’s Crime, Amita Singh, emphasized that this incident is being taken very seriously. She clarified that Gulshan Kumar was merely exercising his right to worship in the temple, and his belonging to the Nat community should never be a reason for discrimination. Stringent action will be taken against the accused to ensure justice prevails.

In conclusion, this disturbing incident in Kanpur serves as a stark reminder that unity and inclusivity must prevail over prejudice and discrimination. As the investigation unfolds, we hope for a swift resolution and justice for Gulshan Kumar, who only sought solace in a temple that should be open to all.

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