Delhi Woman S@xually Harasses Rickshaw Puller; Cityzien Disgusting Video Goes Viral!

A woman was shockingly seen in Delhi s@xually harassing a rickshaw driver on the city’s streets. The footage of the incident has gone viral and is being shared widely online. The woman can be seen in the video putting her head on the rickshaw puller’s shoulder and stroking his genitalia.

A witness who was riding in a nearby automobile videotaped the whole thing on their phone. Since the video was shared online, it has received a lot of negative feedback.

Chandni Chowk, where the footage was allegedly shot

The video is supposedly two or three days old and was filmed in the Chandni Chowk neighborhood of Delhi. According to locals, this is one of the busiest parts of the nation’s capital. The woman allegedly committed the heinous deed while under the influence of alcohol. The rickshaw driver was helpless when the woman pressed herself on him.

Viral Video!
Delhi: Woman caught ‘MOLESTING’ RICKSHAW PULLER on road.

Online users are criticizing the woman

The video has become popular on the internet, and many people are criticizing the woman in it. According to one commenter: “Woman caught ‘MOLESTING’ RICKSHAW PULLER on road. Unwanted physical contact between a woman and a man. She has no qualms about making S@XUAL advances because she is confident that she will not be ARRESTED.

There is explicit material and language in the videos. Caution should be exercised by viewers.
In the words of one critic, “Our laws are s@xist.”

Another commenter put it this way: “A woman is arrested while rubbing a rickshaw puller’s penis in broad daylight; the poor man is helpless to resist or seek assistance.” I can’t help but wonder, “What if it had been a woman?” The other person voiced their disapproval on social media, writing, “Imagine the level of outrage had it been a boy touching the private parts of a women taxi driver or a rickshaw puller.” However, no one will bat an eye because of the gender prejudice in the law. This girl should be ashamed of herself for s@xually assaulting the rickshaw driver.

There is explicit material and language in the videos. Caution should be exercised by viewers.

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The rickshaw driver was helpless as he was groped.

No one has reported the woman or taken any legal action against her for the heinous crime she committed on the rickshaw driver. The rickshaw puller could do nothing to stop the woman from molesting him in the middle of the road. One person spoke out against the abuse of men by saying, “Sadly, people believe in Gender Equality but never talk about Misandry, Male Suicides, Non-existent laws against Rape, and Molestation of Men.” The poor ricksha puller evidently wouldn’t be so frightened if a man had done this to someone of the other s@x.

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