DJ of Kanwariya collided with high tension line in Meerut, UP, 6 killed brutally, several hospitalized

On the festival of Shivratri, a motorized trolley carrying Kanwariyas became entangled in a high-voltage power line in Meerut. Six Kanwariyas have died, and many more are still in the hospital after being electrocuted.

A terrible disaster involving Kanwariyas occurred in Meerut on Shivratri. Six kanwariyas were killed when their car, which had just returned from performing Jalabhishek of Lord Shiva, collided with a high-voltage power line.

This occurred in the Meerut region, namely the Bhavanpur police station. In Rali Chauhan village, a high-tension wire caught hold of the DJ trolley carrying Shiv worshipers. The DJ cart, which was carrying about twenty people during the event, was electrocuted.

Six of those transferred to the hospital later died, while two others are still in critical condition.

A total of 14 kanwarias were electrocuted and subsequently hospitalized.

After this occurrence, the kanwariyas reportedly became irate at the delayed ambulance and blocked the road. He claims many lives could have been saved if the ambulance had arrived sooner. During this time, irate locals sat in the middle of the Qila-Meerut road, blocking access to the settlement.

Dj of Kanwariya Collided With High Tension Line in Meerut, Up, 6 Killed Brutally

The Additional Director General, SSP, and Deputy Commissioner of Meerut all rushed to Anand Hospital as soon as they heard the news. According to District Magistrate Deepak Meena, 14 kanwariyas have been reported electrocuted.

Ten injured Kanwarias have been taken to various medical facilities. DM According to Meena, enhancing care for the hurt is our top concern. According to him, police have been sent to the hospitals to determine how the patients are doing. The downed power line was caused by the high-tension rope dangling over the path leading to the settlement.

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A total of six Kanwariyas were killed.

On Saturday night at 8:15 pm, a sound system being transported by tractor trolley was struck by a high-tension wire outside the village of Rali Chauhan in the Bhavanpur police station area, according to Meerut District Magistrate Deepak Meena. When I arrived, 14 individuals on the tractor-trolley had been electrocuted and were taken to local hospitals. There were six fatalities, he said.

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