Shocking Incident Unfolds: Dr. Rajinder Yadav’s Tragic Encounter with a Puppy!!

A heart-wrenching incident shook Rohini, Delhi, on August 26, involving Dr. Rajinder Yadav, a distinguished physician and the Director and Head of Urology and Kidney Transplant at Fortis Hospital GGN.

The incident began with a tragic mishap as Dr. Yadav’s vehicle inadvertently ran over and fatally injured a one-month-old puppy.

CCTV Footage Goes Viral

The unfortunate event was captured on a CCTV camera and quickly went viral on social media platforms. As the video circulated on X (formerly Twitter), it revealed the distressing sequence of events. Dr. Yadav’s car approached a street where several dogs, including puppies, were roaming.

In an attempt to avoid them, his vehicle swerved towards the left side of the road, where the puppies were resting. Tragically, one of the puppies ended up under the car’s wheels. The incident prompted a chorus of howls from the surrounding dogs, and a nearby security guard rushed over, desperately trying to stop the vehicle.

A Shocking Turn of Events

What unfolded next was even more shocking. Dr. Yadav, accompanied by his driver, stepped out of the car and reacted by physically pushing and slapping the security guard who had intervened.

He then engaged in a heated dispute with other onlookers who voiced their objection to his actions. The incident quickly became a focal point of social media outrage, with widespread condemnation of Dr. Yadav’s behavior.

Activist Calls for Immediate Action

These distressing visuals and Dr. Yadav’s subsequent actions were shared on X (formerly Twitter) by Animal Activist Tarana Singh. Singh called for Dr. Yadav’s immediate arrest in light of the tragic demise of the puppy.

People across social media platforms joined in expressing their outrage that a professional responsible for saving lives was now accused of endangering one.

Watch the video here

Demands for Justice

Calls for justice and accountability reverberated across social media, with demands for the arrest of the individual involved in this unfortunate incident gaining momentum.

Dr. Rajinder Yadav's Tragic Encounter with a Puppy
Dr. Rajinder Yadav’s Tragic Encounter with a Puppy

Doctor Responds with Regret

In response to mounting pressure, Dr. Yadav attempted to provide clarification. On X (formerly Twitter), he wrote, “I offer my deepest regrets as a poor puppy lost its life accidentally under my car being driven by my driver.

It was an unfortunate and unintentional incident that happened when the car was passing through a narrow road.” He expressed deep grief over the inadvertent loss of life and the way the incident had been blown out of proportion.

A Doctor’s Compassion

Dr. Yadav further added, “The inappropriate conversations on social media and via personal messages are absolutely heartbreaking. I reiterate that as a doctor, my duty, compassion, and empathy extend to all beings, including our voiceless friends.”

Despite Dr. Yadav’s response, activists and social media users remain relentless in their demand for accountability from the reputed physician. Hashtags demanding his arrest for the puppy’s tragic accident continue to flood social media platforms.

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