Viral Video: Elderly Woman Stops Couple Romping in Delhi Metro!!

Commuters on the Delhi metro have witnessed numerous instances of PDA between partners. To that end, in a recent incident, an elderly woman was witnessed questioning and interrupting what appeared to be an intimate display of affection between a couple on public transportation.

The female passenger claims she saw a young woman stroking her companion playfully while they stood together in the overcrowded coach. The woman spoke out loudly against the happenings and the acceptance of such behaviour in public. The incident has been widely discussed and forwarded online. Here’s a video explanation

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A pair was caught on camera making out in front of other commuters on the floor of a Delhi metro car in May of this year. Concerned about the direction the transportation system was taking, the clip quickly went viral online. The woman was sitting on her boyfriend’s lap as they had a passionate kiss.

Meanwhile, recent reports indicated that the transport had video evidence of clashes and people acting inappropriately. One incidence included a man who was masturbating near a female passenger. Two additional cases included boys having a sexual encounter on the subway.

After images of a partially clothed girl riding the Delhi metro and making movies went viral online, officials addressed the issue and took appropriate action.

It was rumoured that a flying squad would be introduced in the coaches of the Delhi metro after several embarrassing events were observed.

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