Groom’s Hidden Baldness Viral Incident From a Bihari Village

A dramatic video has recently gone viral on social media in Bajaura, a village in Bihar, which has forced people to think deeply. The video shows a groom being tried to get married by wearing fake hair to hide his bald head.

However, when the people verified this, one person among them tried to slap him and others blamed him. After this incident, the village administrative officials started investigating the matter.

Case details

The incident took place in the Dobhi area of Bajaura village, Bihar, where the groom uses fake patents of hair to hide his bald head. It is shown in this video that during the wedding, the groom tries to hide the hair in various stages. However, when his hair is pulled, his baldness is exposed.

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When the people come to know that the bridegroom has cheated, one of them tries to slap the groom, while the other people appropriately criticize him. As per reports, this was the groom’s second marriage and he was wearing a wig to disguise himself as a resident of Iqbal Nagar.

Case unfortunate ladder

The bride’s family raised suspicion of his hair and they pulled it, revealing the groom’s baldness. The bride’s family could not contain their anger over this cheating case. They have been forced to take up the matter with the village administrative officials.

Groom's Hidden Baldness Viral Incident From a Bihari Village
Groom’s Hidden Baldness Viral Incident From a Bihari Village

After the incident, people have not forgiven the groom and have taken the matter to the village authorities, Senior.

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