Tragedy Strikes: Customer’s Death Sparks Outrage at Hyderabad’s Meridian Biryani Restaurant!!

In a tragic and deeply disturbing incident that unfolded at Meridian Biryani Restaurant in Hyderabad’s Punjagutta, a customer’s simple request for extra raita took a horrific turn, resulting in his untimely demise. The incident has sent shockwaves through the community and has shed light on a history of disturbances at the restaurant.

The Victim and the Fateful Night

The victim, identified as Liyaqat, was a resident of the Chandralok area in Hyderabad and a family man. On this fateful night, around 11 PM, he visited the renowned Meridian Biryani Restaurant. His only request: was a little extra raita to accompany his biryani. Little did he know that this request would escalate into a tragic altercation.

A Troubled Past

Meridian Biryani Restaurant, while celebrated for its culinary delights, has also garnered a reputation for frequent disputes and unruly behaviour within its premises. Locals have long complained about patrons parking their cars indiscriminately, causing traffic snarls in the area, and the staff’s alleged rudeness towards customers.

The Altercation

Liyaqat’s ordeal began when he realized that his order of biryani arrived without the desired raita. Politely, he asked the staff to provide the missing accompaniment. However, his request was met with refusal, sparking a heated argument between him and the restaurant’s owner and staff.

A Tragic Turn of Events

As tensions escalated, Liyaqat was forcibly taken inside the restaurant and subjected to a brutal assault. The attackers, identified as the staff and the owner, locked the room from the inside and continued their assault. It was only after a considerable time had passed that the police were alerted to the incident.

Tragedy Strikes Customer's Death Sparks Outrage at Hyderabad's Meridian Biryani Restaurant
Tragedy Strikes Customer’s Death Sparks Outrage at Hyderabad’s Meridian Biryani Restaurant

A Grim Outcome

Upon their arrival, the police swiftly intervened and transported the injured Liyaqat to a nearby hospital. However, despite their best efforts, the victim was declared dead by the hospital authorities.

Seeking Justice

In the wake of this horrific incident, the police have launched a comprehensive investigation. They are meticulously reviewing the restaurant’s CCTV footage, as well as examining the surrounding areas for any potential evidence. The community demands justice, and the authorities are determined to ensure that those responsible for this tragedy face the full extent of the law.

As we reflect on this deeply saddening incident, it serves as a stark reminder of the need for civility and respect in our society, even in the most unexpected of places.

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