Iron Rods Pierce Under-construction Flyover Car, Driver Escapes Unharmed; Images Surface!!

In a harrowing incident in Noida, passengers of a car had a miraculous escape when a massive iron rod dislodged from an under-construction bridge and pierced through the car’s windshield.

A Miraculous Escape Caught on Video

A video from the scene, which has recently surfaced on social media, captures the heart-stopping moment when disaster nearly struck. The incident’s precise date remains unknown, but what’s certain is that it left everyone in shock. Thankfully, the driver and all the passengers emerged from the incident unscathed.

Iron Rod Pierces Car Windshield

The video, shared on the X social media platform today, reveals a Suzuki Swift hatchback parked beneath the aforementioned under-construction bridge. Chillingly, an iron rod is seen jutting through the car’s windshield, right where the driver would have been seated. However, relief follows as the footage shows an empty car after the door swings open, signifying that all occupants have managed to exit the vehicle safely.

Safety Concerns Amidst Under-Construction Structures

This shocking incident is a stark reminder of the pressing need for safety precautions when traveling beneath under-construction structures. One cannot help but notice the absence of safety nets on the bridge, which could have prevented debris or materials from falling onto unsuspecting vehicles. Beyond the threat to commuters, this also highlights the perilous conditions faced by workers laboring at such construction sites.

A Similar Incident in Thane

Sadly, incidents of this nature are not isolated. In a parallel event that unfolded in Maharashtra’s Thane, a car driver named Jitendra Yadav narrowly dodged a similar fate. On June 5, near Bharat Petrol Pump at Teen Hath Naka in Thane, an iron rod plummeted from the hands of a laborer working on an under-construction Metro pillar.

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Jitendra Yadav was en route from Kolshet to Bhandup with three passengers in his car when the iron rod slipped from the laborer’s grasp, piercing the car’s roof directly above the driver’s seat. It was a hair-raising close call, with the iron rod missing Jitendra by mere inches. Fortunately, this incident also resulted in no casualties, leaving everyone involved with a newfound appreciation for the fragility of life.

These unnerving episodes underscore the urgency of stringent safety measures and thorough inspections at construction sites. Public safety should never be compromised, especially when lives hang in the balance.

As both incidents serve as potent reminders of the potential dangers lurking beneath under-construction structures, authorities must take immediate steps to ensure the well-being of both commuters and workers in such areas.

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