Is Nick and Jawahir Still Together: Check Out What’s New!

Jawahir Khalifa and Nick Kici seemed like an unlikely couple to get together in Season 4 of Too Hot to Handle, considering how often they broke the rules in the beginning. But Lana worked her magic, and by the end of Season 4, Jawahir and Nick were all smiles and seemed ready to get married. They won the grand prize of $89,000. But it’s unclear if Nick and Jawahir are still together after Too Hot To Handle. Their social media interactions with each other and their former castmates tell an exciting story, though.

When Shawn showed up at the retreat in the middle of Season 4, Jawahir’s head turned. Just before the last days of the cast being together, she decided to go to bed with Shawn. This left Nick with nothing to do but think (and think) about it. But in the end, Jawahir decided to get serious with Nick. Jawa and Nick won the whole competition because they got better even though they had some problems. But was it effective?

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Are Nick and Jawahir Still Together?

If you look at their social media profiles, you might be surprised to learn that Nick doesn’t follow Jawa on Instagram, but she does, and she always comments on his posts. But it’s not strange that he doesn’t follow her because he doesn’t seem to talk to many other cast members on social media. On the other hand, she comments on and likes many of the pictures her other cast members post. For example, she puts a fire emoji on the thirst traps they post.

James Pendergrass, Seb Melrose, and even Creed McKinnon, a playboy, often hang out with the other guys. Nick has even commented on some photos, but he doesn’t seem to have been around that night. Or wasn’t he asked? Or, as other Instagram clues suggest, he might have been too busy traveling with Jawa.

The show was filmed in early spring 2022, and by April, Nick and Jawahir were posting pictures from Bali, Indonesia. Since they filmed the show in the Caribbean, it can’t be a coincidence that they both ended up there right after winning all that money. And it seems like they used it well.

Nick has recently posted selfies with extended, overly dramatic captions that sound like sad love poems. Around the time that Season 4 started, Jawa liked a post that said, “Chasing after love is like a curse; holding on makes it worse.” It sounds like the release of the season has brought up a lot of feelings for him, and it does seem like he and Jawa may have been through something since their romantic trip around the world.

Then, right after the premiere, she commented on one of his selfies with “Mr. Kici” and a fire emoji, and he replied with “Ms. Khalifa” and a sunshine emoji. Maybe Lana should check in with these two.

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