Jain Monk Murder in Karnataka: CM Siddaramaiah Orders CID Probe!!

The Nandiparvat Jain Ashram in Belagavi district’s Chikkodi was struck by tragedy when the revered Jain seer, Acharya Kamakumar Nandi Maharaj, went missing on July 5.

Subsequently, his lifeless body was found brutally murdered on July 6. In response to the heinous crime, the Karnataka government, under Chief Minister Siddaramaiah’s directives, has ordered a thorough investigation by the Criminal Investigation Department (CID).

This article delves into the details surrounding the murder and the ongoing investigation, highlighting the suspects and the suspected motive behind the crime.

On July 5, the Jain seer retired for the day at Nandiparvat Jain Ashram but was never seen again. The following day, July 6, when the cook noticed his room empty, the ashram trustees were notified, and a frantic search for the missing seer began.

Sadly, on July 8, the police made a gruesome discovery in Khatakbhavi village, Raibag taluk – the lifeless body of the seer, mutilated and dumped in a borewell pit.

In response to the shocking murder, Chief Minister Siddaramaiah made a crucial announcement in the legislative assembly, ordering the CID to conduct an in-depth investigation into the case:

The CID’s involvement aims to ensure a comprehensive probe into the circumstances surrounding the seer’s untimely death.

Following the discovery of the seer’s body, the police acted swiftly and arrested two individuals suspected to be involved in the murder. The accused were identified as Narayana Basappa Mali and Hassan Dalayath.

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Both suspects, aged 33, were taken into police custody and are currently under judicial control—initial findings from the investigation point towards a financial dispute as the potential motive behind the murder.

As the investigation unfolded, it was revealed that the slain seer was in the habit of lending loans with interest to devotees and others. One accused, Narayana Basappa Mali, borrowed Rs 6 lakh from the seer against his agricultural field.

Unfortunately, he could not repay the loan, and the interest accrued to a substantial Rs 1 lakh. The seer had persistently demanded repayment, even threatening to seize the agricultural land.

Unable to bear the pressure and harassment any longer, Narayana, in cooperation with Hassan Dalayath, resorted to the ultimate crime of taking the seer’s life.

Jain Monk Murder in Karnataka

In the wake of the tragic incident, members of the Jain community and the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) demanded a Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) probe into the murder.

However, the Chief Minister’s decision to assign the CID to investigate reflects the government’s commitment to conducting a fair and impartial inquiry.

The murder of Jain seer Acharya Kamakumar Nandi Maharaj has sent shockwaves through the community, prompting the Karnataka government to take swift action.

With the CID now leading the investigation, the hope is that justice will be served and the truth behind this gruesome crime will be brought to light.

As the probe progresses, the state and the public await answers and closure in this tragic case that has deeply affected the hearts of many.

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