Paytm Founder Vijay Shekhar Sharma Enjoys Mumbai Rain with Vishal Gondal!!

During the monsoon season in Mumbai, the rain brings joy to many, accompanied by cravings for delicious snacks and hot beverages. Recently, Vijay Shekhar Sharma, the founder of Paytm, embraced the Mumbai rain by relishing some delectable food and sipping filter coffee at Swati Snacks.

Entrepreneur Vishal Gondal, known for building the healthcare platform GOQii, accompanied him on this delightful culinary journey. The duo also explored other eateries in the city, cherishing the essence of Mumbai’s spirit and flavors.

Vishal Gondal took to Twitter to share moments of him and Vijay Shekhar Sharma enjoying the Mumbai rain while indulging in mouthwatering treats at Swati Snacks:

As they ventured through the vibrant city, Gondal expressed the essence of life as a jigsaw puzzle, where each piece must find its rightful place.

He described the experience of exploring Mumbai’s flavors with Vijay Shekhar Sharma as an adventure where all the pieces fit perfectly into the Bambaiya story.

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The duo’s enthusiasm and love for Mumbai’s culinary delights were evident throughout their journey. In addition to Swati Snacks, Gondal and Sharma visited DP’s Fast Food in Matunga, capturing their excitement in a selfie:

Their exploration of Mumbai’s culinary landscape showcased their deep appreciation for the city’s vibrant spirit and diverse cuisine.

Users on Twitter celebrated the friendship of these two prominent figures in the startup world, referring to them as “Vishal & Shekhar of the startup world.”

Some users fondly reminisced about DP’s Fast Food, sharing personal anecdotes and memories associated with the eatery, adding a nostalgic touch to the culinary journey.

Vijay Shekhar Sharma Enjoying Mumbai Rain

This delightful experience, shared with their followers on Twitter, serves as a reminder of the joy that can be found in embracing the simple pleasures of life, friendship, and the rainy season in Mumbai.

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