Breaking News: Javed Akhtar Daughter Zoya Akhtar Is Launching Star Kids!!

Known for her work as an Indian film director, Zoya Akhtar is Javed Akhtar daughter. Her first role was as an actor in Kama Sutra: A Tale of Love, which came out in 1996. In 2004, Akhtar served as the film’s executive producer, Lakshya. However, she has lately gained attention for her latest Netflix film, The Archies, which features seven actors out of whom 3 are star kids. Scroll down to learn everything there is to know about this!

Zoya Akhtar, Javed Akhtar Daughter, Is Launching Star Kids!

The classic comic book The Archies will be adapted into a movie by director Zoya Akhtar, and it will debut on December 7. There are seven new actors in the Netflix original. Khushi Kapoor, Suhana Khan, and Agastya Nanda are three of these seven performers who are from film families, which has reignited the nepotism controversy. Screenwriter-lyricist Javed Akhtar, Zoya’s father, stands by his daughter for starting Star Kids.

Zoya Akhtar, Javed Akhtar Daughter, Is Launching Star Kids!
Zoya Akhtar, Javed Akhtar Daughter, Is Launching Star Kids!

Javed stated during Sahitya Aajtak 2023 that Zoya has the right, as a director, to cast anybody she chooses. He went on to say that since she is introducing the celebrity kids voluntarily and not because of their wealthy origins, it is not nepotism.

“She has every right to take anybody under the sun,” stated Javed Akhtar. “She shouldn’t be questioned. She is taking the risk. It is her project and she is backing it.” Javed said that independent filmmakers do not receive government or major organization funding; instead, they take personal chances with their work. As a result, they are free to cast whoever they want.

Along with Shah Rukh Khan’s daughter Suhana Khan, Boney Kapoor’s daughter Khushi Kapoor, and Amitabh Bachchan’s grandson Agastya Nanda, the cast of The Archies includes Vedang Raina, Dot, Mihir Ahuja, and Yuvraj Menda.

Here is some more celebrity news:

Javed Akhtar continued his discussion on nepotism by stating, “There is a lot of talk about nepotism in the film industry. The film industry is full of nepotism. As far as the world is concerned, it is not so much as it is. Aadmi yaha khud risk le raha hain yahan nepotism isiliye nahi hain. Wo kisi aur ke kandhe pe bandook rakhe huye hain.”

Tiger Baby Films, the production company of Zoya Akhtar and Reema Kagti, is in charge of producing The Archies. Zoya Akhtar, Javed Akhtar daughter, confirms her status as a leader in the film industry by continuing to find and assist star kids.

We are excited to see what these young talents will bring to the film industry as they embark on a fascinating journey under her tutelage. Explore Digi Hind News for more in-depth information on this and other fascinating news.

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