JD Harmeyer Divorce: Jennifer Tanko Harmeyer has Separated from Her Husband

JD Harmeyer Divorce: Despite the fact that they appear to have a successful marriage, rumors have circulated that American radio star JD Harmeyer and his wonderful wife Jennifer Tanko are divorcing.

Many viewers have wondered if JD Harmeyer relocated to Los Angeles after the global pandemic and subsequent relocation of The Howard Harsh Show. JD Harmeyer has established himself as a member of The Howard Harsh Show’s staff. The name “Hollywood Hermione” started being used to refer to him after this.

However, despite the fact that he does not permanently reside in California, Jedi has made occasional trips to Los Angeles over the years. Recently, when Howard invited him to the 2022 Super Bowl free of charge.

Once married, Jennifer Tanko (JD) Hermeyer and JD Harmeyer are now divorced and living apart.

JD Harmeyer dated Jennifer Tanko, an Instagram artist specializing in American beauty care products who has a massive following and supports equal marriage rights for gay, bisexual, transgender, and queer people. After dating for a while, he finally decided to tie the knot with his future wife, and everything went smoothly.

In August 2018, they successfully secured the group at a secret Las Vegas event. Each individual has a lengthy list of credits in the television industry to their name.

The media star, who is 42 years old, is honest and forthright with her viewers on The Howard Harsh Show when discussing her work, but they rarely talk about their personal lives.

Hermeyer’s wife-to-be, Jennifer Tanko, was his girlfriend up until the moment of their wedding on August 25, 2018.

R. J. Harmeyer The Love Interest of Jennifer Tanko

Jennifer Tanko’s main studio and workplace are located in New York City. Born in Virginia on January 6, 1988, he has also called Baltimore, Maryland, and Washington, District of Columbia, his permanent abodes.

JD Harmeyer
JD Harmeyer

Besides working as a makeup artist, she also writes a lifestyle blog in which she discusses topics such as her day-to-day activities, her wardrobe, and her methods for applying makeup. She had over 15,000 followers before she made her account private, with whom she shared personal information and photos from her travels and best-selling books.

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JD Harmeyer and Jennifer Tanko’s Romantic History

According to the author of the biography, JD Hermeier and Jennifer Tanko didn’t start dating on a specific date. Hermeyer’s coworker, the famous radio moderator Howard Harsh, however, frequently probed their personal ties on air.

In February 2017, the couple reportedly announced that they were locked in after dating since 2016. The couple locked up the group on August 25, 2018, in a private service in Las Vegas, the site of their most memorable date.

There were probably around ten people in attendance at the private event. Even though they couldn’t be there in person, her coworkers on The Howard Harsh Show sent their best wishes to the happy couple on their wedding day. In a sense, only blood relatives were invited to the happy celebration.

The couple’s first night’s destination was California (JD)

Hermione and Tanko’s wedding trip began in California in September 2019. At the time of the visit, they had already been married for almost a year. He began his ten-day journey in New York City at the TWA Inn near JFK Airport.

Tenko and Harmeyer have a fundamentally flawed relationship. In contrast to Hermeier, who despises exercise, Tanko is a CrossFit coach and wellness enthusiast. Although his girlfriend frequently shares photos from their activities on social media, he rarely appears to be out and about in public places like parks and courts.

Tanko, who enjoys spending his time outside, had a fantastic day at the beach. Harmeyer, in full disguise, surveyed the scenery as he pretended to watch people stream skiing and sunning themselves on a California beach. It occurred in the Golden State.

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