Jungle Raj in Bihar: Retired Teacher, Son’s Murder Witness, Shot Dead On Morning Walk In Begusarai

Begusarai: Crime rates in Bihar continue to rise, and the state’s anarchy shows no signs of abating. The state is experiencing an uptick in homicides and other violent crimes. Many residents of Bihar claim to have noticed the return of jungle raj.

Begusarai, Bihar, has seen a terrible murder of a retired educator at the hands of unknown assailants. The former teacher in Begusarai was killed by gunfire during the day.

Shot to death in broad daylight: a retired teacher

The educator was reportedly shot while taking his morning stroll in Begusarai. The motive for the murder has not been determined. However, a property dispute is thought to have motivated the teacher’s murder.

About two years ago, his son was also murdered because of a property dispute. The retired educator testified as a witness in his son’s murder trial. Criminals quickly killed his son. According to the report, he was going to give a recorded statement about the murder of his son.

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A potential eyewitness to the murder of one’s son

It has been reported that the former educator’s name is Jawahar Rai. On Saturday morning (August 19), he was murdered by two bike-riding thugs. The 70-year-old man passed away instantly. After the murder of the village teacher, there is widespread terror across the community.

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Police launch investigation

The cops have opened an investigation. The police have opened an investigation, and a FIR has been filed. The Chief Minister of Bihar, Nitish Kumar, has come under fire from internet users concerned about the state’s rising crime rate.

Nitish Kumar, they say, is bragging about a repeat of the “Bihar jungle raj” model. The regular occurrence of looting and murder in Bihar now is eerily reminiscent of the Middle Ages during the Lalu era.

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