Breaking News: Lawyer and Son Brutally Attacked in Rajgarh – Outrage Erupts Among Legal Community

In a shocking incident that has sent shockwaves through the peaceful town of Rajgarh, a lawyer and his son fell victim to a brutal assault. The attackers left them half-naked and battered in the middle of the road. The police have swiftly registered a case against three individuals involved in this horrific incident. Watch this video

Disturbing Scene in Narsinghgarh

The incident unfolded in the serene town of Narsinghgarh on a fateful Thursday morning. Prabhulal (55), a respected lawyer in the community, was traveling with his father, Mangilal Dhakad, and his son, Amit when they were suddenly ambushed by a group of bullies. These assailants blocked their path and subjected them to a merciless beating using belts, leaving them in a humiliating semi-nude state.

Seeking Justice

In the aftermath of this brutal attack, the victims wasted no time and filed a complaint at the Narsinghgarh police station. The police have responded by registering a case against the three assailants under serious sections of the law.

Legal Community Demands Action

This heinous act has ignited a firestorm of anger within the legal community. Lawyers across the region are demanding the strictest possible action against the culprits. Presently, the victims are receiving medical care at Narsinghgarh Civil Hospital.

Victim’s Account

According to the FIR filed by Prabhulal, he and his son Amit were on their way to Narsinghgarh police station around 09:30 in the morning. They had been summoned by the police regarding a dispute related to soybeans. However, their journey took a horrifying turn near Pandit Ji’s well on the main road. Surendra Dhakad, Vinod Dhakad, and Hariom Dhakad – all three individuals – forcibly blocked their path and seized the motorcycle keys.

Lawyer and Son Brutally Attacked in Rajgarh
Lawyer and Son Brutally Attacked in Rajgarh

The Horrific Ordeal

The situation escalated rapidly when Prabhulal requested the return of his keys. The attackers resorted to verbal abuse and physical violence. They ruthlessly beat Prabhulal and his son with belts, shoes, their bare hands, and even improvised weapons like iron leaves. The injuries inflicted were severe, with Prabhulal suffering a head injury, while Amit endured injuries to his head, back, and limbs.

A Land Dispute Turned Violent

It’s worth noting that a land dispute had been simmering between the victims and the three assailants for some time. During the altercation, the attackers threatened to kill them if their demands regarding eight bighas of land were not met. Desperate to save their lives, Prabhulal offered to settle the land dispute, but the attackers remained unrelenting.

A Public Spectacle of Cruelty

The attackers forcibly transported Prabhulal and Amit to Sagpur Jodh, where they stripped them of their clothing and subjected them to further humiliation. In a shocking display of cruelty, they mercilessly thrashed the father and son with belts and hand slaps, leaving them in a semi-nude state on the road. Their intent was clear: to secretly confine them.

Eyewitnesses and Legal Action

The incident did not go unnoticed, as Narayan Dhakad Chhota Berasia and passersby on the road bore witness to the gruesome ordeal. During the scuffle, Prabhulal lost his mobile phone and Rs 15,000 in the commotion. As a result, the police have registered a case against the three accused under various sections of the Indian Penal Code, including 341, 294, 323, 506, 355, 365, and 34.

Legal Community’s Outrage

Vijay Sharma, President of the Narsinghgarh Advocates Association, strongly condemned the incident. He emphasized that resorting to such violence, especially involving lawyers, was unacceptable in any dispute. He urged for the accused to face the harshest punishment possible and vowed to continue the fight for justice

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Police Response

Additional SP Mankamana Prasad shed light on the incident, stating that it had erupted from a longstanding land dispute. The police have acted swiftly, registering a case against the three accused. Two of them have already been apprehended, and efforts are underway to locate and arrest the third perpetrator.

This shocking incident has not only left the victims traumatized but has also ignited a wave of indignation within the legal community. As they fight for justice, the community stands united against such acts of brutality. The wheels of justice are in motion, and all eyes are on the legal system to deliver a fair and resolute verdict.

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