‘4 Jaapad Khayega…’: Lucknow Man Cries and Threatens Police After SUV With ‘District Judge’ Label Is Towed

On Saturday, police in Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh, towed an SUV labeled with the word “district judge” because it was parked in a restricted area. The vehicle’s owner, whose license plate indicated that it was originally from Ghaziabad, sped to the scene as it was being towed to argue with the authorities. When the cops refused to release his car, he raged at them and threatened to have them arrested. SEE VIDEO

A man makes a scene in public by screaming, and making a scene

The judge’s son was identified as the young man seen causing the disturbance on tape. He was witnessed belligerently pleading with the police to untow his vehicle. As he shouted at the top of his lungs in the streets, onlookers flocked to see what all the commotion was about.

Meanwhile, these are the words that the young people can be heard uttering in the clip. It goes, “Kholo isko abhi ki abhi… Let’s have some fun with chaar jaapad khaoye. He is overheard threatening the traffic officers who towed his car for being parked in a no-parking zone, “Thappad khayega ya jail mein jake chakki peesega?”

'4 Jaapad Khayega...' Lucknow Man Cries and Threatens Police After SUV With 'District Judge' Label Is Towed
‘4 Jaapad Khayega…’ Lucknow Man Cries and Threatens Police After SUV With ‘District Judge’ Label Is Towed

Police officers at the scene request his audience with a supervisor

The officer then directed him to contact the relevant authorities so that his car might be released. The officer had observed that the man had caused a disturbance and had consented to pass over the man’s contact details to the Joint CP (Jt. Commissioner of Police) to resolve the matter.

The man, however, refused to stop arguing with the police officer. After allegedly refusing to talk with law enforcement and demanding the immediate release of his towed SUV, the man reportedly yelled, “Joint CP ko toh mein yaha brake lau be.”

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These claims were made alongside the implication that he was in dire need of his car then. It is unknown why he is in such a rush.

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