UP: Lucknow Police Bust Drugs Party Showing Cash Stash With Instagram Reel, Arrest 4

The UP STF utilized an Instagram video to bust a drug party on Sunday, July 24th, leading to the arrest of four people. An Instagram highlight clip showed a girl and some friends posing with money and listening to music.

Police were able to track down the group thanks to the footage, but the “show-off” cost them their freedom. The drug party reportedly resulted in the recovery of over Rs 6 lakh. But the police say the main suspect and others engaged in the narcotics case have still managed to evade capture.

Four attendees can be seen in the video.

Cash is being counted by four people in the video. Money is stashed nearby where they’re seated. Will buy a car,” one of them is overheard saying. An automobile is a symbol of the American dream. Someone else may be overheard adding, “I will buy a car tomorrow itself.”

Lucknow Police Bust Drugs Party Showing Cash Stash
Lucknow Police Bust Drugs Party Showing Cash Stash

Typical Method of Operation

People in the video, including one named Tarun Awasthi, were allegedly invited to a drug party by Awasthi. The room for the drugs party was arranged by his friend Pankaj, who invited him to join them. Arun and Lucky, rumored to be drug dealers, attended the same party.

Captive mastermind

Arun and Lucky are suspected of running an international drug trafficking operation and maintaining contacts with overseas suppliers. According to police reports, this was executed via a smartphone app in which gang members received their assignments.

The STF is trying to determine how deeply Arun and Lucky, along with the other four suspects arrested, were involved in the narcotics trafficking.

There were four arrests related to the party

On July 16, the STF announced, a viral Instagram reel will be launched. Hotel Rajdhani in Lucknow, India, was the setting for the revolution. The four suspects have been arrested, and the police are continuing their investigation.

Arun Awasthi, his companion Swastika, another man named Pankaj, and a driver named Ajmal Hussain have all been arrested.

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