Mayra and Donnie Still Together: Did They End Their Relationship?

Mayra and Donnie Still Together: You may have heard of Mayra Wendolyne, a food blogger and social media influencer, but you may be wondering if she and her boyfriend, Donnie, are still together. In case you’re interested, her channel is called Low Carb Love on YouTube. She’s been documenting her relationship with Donnie on Instagram under the handle @mayraanddonnie. People curious about her relationship with Donnie have been Googling, “Are Mayra and Donnie still together?” Take a look to see if Mayra and Donnie are still together.

Who Are Mayra and Donnie?

In the United States of America, Mayra Wendolyne is known for being a popular food blogger, Instagram influencer, and media powerhouse. She is well-known for her “Low Crab Love” food and wellness blog, in which she publishes recipes and meal plans that are low in sugar and fat. She also uploads videos of her culinary creations to a YouTube channel of the same name. Mayra and her family spent their formative years in Los Angeles, California. For her diploma, she attended a local institution. She was just finishing up college when she made the decision to become a blogger focusing on nutrition and health.

Her blogging journey was not easy, especially considering her starting weight of around 315 pounds. Mayra made a concerted effort to lose weight and succeeded, losing about 150 pounds over the course of two years. She launched a culinary blog at the same time. This year (2021) Mayra Wendolyne will turn 37 years old.

She is approximately 64 kg in weight and 5’6″ in height. After launching “Low Crab Love,” Mayra began a career in the food blogging industry. She steadily became famous as a food blogger thanks to the many people who visited her sites to check out her stunning health advice, meal plans, and weight loss illustrations.

Donnie Wahlberg is a multi-talented American who has released music under his own name and has also acted, produced music, and directed films. Fans of Donnie Wahlberg often speculate about his marital status. Is there any explanation for what happened to his marriage? He tied the knot twice, and the records prove it.

He first wed Kim Fery in 1999, but they split up in 2008, and he later wed Jenny McCarthy in 2014. He is a member of her family and resides in New Jersey, USA. He began his career as an actor when he was only 13 years old. Everyone in his family and circle of friends was behind him. He gained fame quickly by appearing on reality shows, where he promptly won a number of accolades.

Mayra And Donnie are Still Together


On October 11, 2020, Mayra and Donnie uploaded a video to the YouTube channel Low Carb Love in which they shared the news of their engagement. In a video posted on October 19, 2020, Mayra revealed that it had taken Donnie six years to propose to her. The couple kept their wedding a secret. Instagram account @mayraanddonnie’s final post is a photo of the couple from August 21, 2022. They are obviously dating on that basis. There is no information about whether or not they are still together anywhere else we looked.

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Did Mayra And Donnie Break Up?

Mayra and Donnie didn’t say anything about the breakup in their relationship. Due to the fact that they haven’t discussed their partnership in quite some time and haven’t posted any photos of themselves together on social media, people are beginning to speculate as to whether or not they are still together.

Donnie And Mayra Wedding

No reputable source has confirmed the wedding date or location. Mayra uses social media frequently. In contrast, she has never shared any details or photos from her wedding. We last saw them engaged, but the couple hasn’t shared any details about their nuptials.

Donnie And Mayra Age

Mayra’s birthday is listed as November 9 on the website, which also provides her full name. Her birthdate indicates that she will be 38 years old in the year 2022, and her zodiac sign is Scorpio. Mayra revealed in a video that Donnie is 34 years older than her, bringing the total age difference between them to 72 years.

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