Mental Health Treatment Controversy: Everything You Wanted to Know

Controversy seems an indispensable part of day-to-day life, and one can ignore it when it comes to therapies. Mental health treatment brings relief from mental stress, anxiety, and more, but is it enough to satisfy humans? What all controversies have you come across while seeking mental health? Heard about the Mental health treatment controversy!

Mental health treatment controversy started after people started penning down the problems they faced while seeking mental help online. Was this Mental help treatment controversy ever solved? Was there another Mental health treatment controversy 2022? A good company like Mental Help Treatment always ensures that their clients are never away from satisfaction.

Mental health treatment always remains a step ahead for its client’s benefit, but what it seeks here is the eagerness of its clients to come forward and speak their heart out with a good bandwidth, of course!

What kind of controversies can arise while seeking online therapy? 

  •  Privacy– Online therapy or telecounseling is effective, but since information transfers online, privacy leaks and hacks can occur.
  • Confidentiality– It is a major concern that can sometimes be a huge issue while taking health online.
  • Unreliable Internet connection: Imagine a client discussing his emotional turmoil and is about to open up about his issue and the Internet connection dozes off! The whole effort will be in vain. A stable internet connection is essential, as poor audio and video quality will not end in a successful session.
  • Emergency situations– Waiting for somebody to pick up the call during an emergency will not work since online therapists are distant and cannot always be available 24/7.
  • Having low perks compared to traditional ones– It is not as effective as traditional in-person psychotherapy. Some individuals might not be comfortable online and would prefer a more in-person approach.
  • Serious illnesses: Online therapy may sometimes not work, especially when individuals suffer from a serious disorder or have complex symptoms.

Heard about it that success stories are incomplete without controversy, and the Mental health treatment controversy also covered headlines when people missed the sessions due to poor connectivity or more.

Controversies regarding therapists

What is counselling without a therapist? Controversies can be regarding anything, even therapists. After all, they are people! To err is human, isn’t it?

Let’s talk about people’s most common issues while dealing with a therapist.

The qualifications of the therapist are important. People do lie about their qualifications, and their lack of knowledge puts other human lives in danger.

Lack of interest from the therapist’s side: You must have heard about many such cases where professionals get busy or take a call during the online session. What about you? Feels awful, right?

  • No attention: Vocal toning speaks a lot of facial expressions; if a therapist is not paying attention, he may miss the main topic.
  • Privacy: Informed consent and privacy are some of the common concerns.
  • Transparency: The therapist should not lie to clients. Keeping the client in the dark is only going to make things worse.
  • Trust factor: Without proper trust, no client can ever benefit from therapy.
  • Ignorance: Ignoring or neglecting the clients’ needs or not taking notes.
  • Unprofessional behaviour: Keeping the client’s health in check is extremely unprofessional.
  • Unethical practice: Having a dual relationship is highly unethical. The counter-transference of feelings and not maintaining clear boundaries can affect the therapy.

Controversies regarding medications

The risks associated with psychiatric drugs can be dangerous. The most common risks are related to off-label use, long-term safety, side effects, etc.

  • Never copy the medicines: Using the prescribed drug for other uses than what it should be for. The use of the wrong medications can result badly.
  • Side effects and reactions: Medications often help but also involve long-term risks. The mismanagement or mis-prescription of the medication can increase the risk.
  • Complex issues: Online therapy works well, but if the client suffers from complex issues and the prescribed drug does not benefit them, it will surely end up harming them.
  • Psychiatric polypharmacy: It means giving more than one psychiatric medication to the same individual. Using two or more different medications with different chemical compositions can be dangerous to the client.

The right medication in the right amount is the key, and not just blind following others having the same symptoms may add on to controversy regarding medication. Avoid them!

Controversies regarding treatment/therapy services

I am sure you must have thought about the controversies surrounding therapy. Controversy regarding treatment is not just about the ethical concerns but also the therapy itself.

  • Some therapies that have created a buzz are ECT, TMS, aversion therapy, lobotomy, and more.
  •  ECT is a short form of electroconvulsive therapy. It is about giving shocks or brief electric currents to the patient.
  • Another is aversion therapy, which uses unpleasant stimuli for addictive behavior. However, most of the inhumane therapies are no longer in use.

This can be serious if not entertained at the right time. These therapies are complex and demand more care and attention.

Controversies regarding payment and insurance

  • Insurance Coverage: Most clinics and counseling centers come without insurance coverage. Certain insurance policies don’t cover online therapy, and some professionals don’t accept insurance as payment. Although, it is changing.
  • Demographic difference: The insurance coverage for your online therapy depends upon the place or the country you live in
  • Various insurance plans: As complex processes and insurance plans have different requirements, one cannot use them for every online therapy service.
  • Non-allowance of unethical payments: Sorry to break your bubble, but offering gifts, additional payment, or cash apart from the work fee is unethical and not allowed.
  • Cost factor: Another thing about online therapies is how expensive they usually get. The fee is per session and hence expensive for most.

What is the Mental health treatment controversy?

Every successful brand goes through turmoil. Be it an online or offline platform. Some make it through, and the others dissolve. The ones that pass the test have something special in them, just like Mental help treatment.

Controversy started when they started making counseling more convenient and affordable. Of course, who does it in the long run? Focussing on the patient, we were working day and night, but we did face some challenges. Every patient is not tech-savvy, and this is where the problem arises.  We have made huge changes for them, but sometimes the clarity is lacking as they fail to get it online.

Internet connectivity is a place that has aroused too much chaos. Our team is highly skilled, and all are the best in the field, but sometimes the internet is forever an issue. We cannot connect to them, and even the slots of our experienced counselors go in vain.

We have never lack in those things where we excel. Check our services; you will be amazed to see 100% satisfactory reviews.

The controversy 2021

Controversies do put a light on what needs change. Competitors often lie and spread rumors, all in the name of power.

  • Rumors: Nowadays, any rumor or a simple discussion can go viral and become a Controversy.
  • Pandemic: 2021 was the year after a horrific event had occurred: Covid! The chaos increased the value of mental health and its service providers.
  • Assumptions: Heard about this; confusion increases with popularity, and the same goes with the treatment. When anything starts working, people start adding it with assumptions.

The controversy 2022

There have been many disputes going on, especially surrounding mental health. People need to understand its value; although there is room for debate, there are not enough facts to become an actual controversy.

  • WHO report: 2022, this year, WHO released the World Mental Health Report. It mentioned the rise in mental health conditions. Whatever has been discussed about controversy 2022 is still not over!
  • Misconception: People still get confused about mental health with craziness, and people are still scared to open up.
  • Aftereffects: The results of such mental health issues are still unknown to a lot, and awareness is still under process.

 We are still fighting with people who fail to understand the consequences of mental health. We are yet to explain the seriousness of this disease to the people!

Final Words

Compared to conventional therapy, online therapy is about connecting with an expert using any electronic communication device. We cannot thank the internet enough. After all, it has made seeking mental health treatment more accessible. At times, it is quite uncomfortable to visit a clinic, especially those who are shy or worried about what people might say.

With the changing times, online therapy and its buzz are also increasing. It is convenient for individuals who live in remote areas. It is also great for people who have to travel long distances. Online counseling provides accessibility to people who are disabled or to those who have an issue with mobility. Mental help treatment controversy is no longer a controversy if you need the right treatment.


How much do the services cost? Is it affordable?

It is affordable. Our weekly counseling sessions can range from $60 to $90. The overall cost may depend on the availability of your therapist, the location, and financial ability. We charge every four weeks and have a more convenient membership plan. For people who cannot afford the services due to some barriers, we still can help you. All you need to do is contact our customer support team.

Does Mental help treatment offer financial help?

Yes! We do offer financial aid as we care about our clients. We can reduce and make some changes to your fee. We hope to make things easy for you.

How are the counselors & and therapists verified?

We only work with licensed and trained psychologists (PsyD, PhD). We also hire licensed professional counselors or social workers (LCSW). We do background checks and ensure the therapist has proper documents and references. Our basis for recruiting depends on the qualifications and experience.

 Does Mental help treatment offer a refund?

Yes, we do! However, it may depend on the situation. For example, if a client isn’t happy and cancels the membership, they can get a refund for the unused part of that month. Another situation is when the therapist is not available during the subscription period. In such scenarios, you can get compensation for the lost time. One can get a refund in similar situations.

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