UP News: Mirzapur Hospital Reattaches 4-Day-Old Girl’s Thumb VIDEO !!!

According to new reports, a baby girl in the Uttar Pradesh city of Mirzapur was mistreated by medics after only four days of life.

The Mother and Child Hospital in Mirzapur, Uttar Pradesh, was the scene of the tragedy.

According to her relatives, Doctors allegedly failed to properly treat a newborn girl who suffered a severed thumb during delivery.

There was an injury to the girl during childbirth

Hospital staff allegedly caused the girl, who is now four days old, harm during delivery, according to the kid’s relatives. For medical attention, they rushed the injured girl.

While giving birth, the girl’s thumb was snipped off. Hospital staff taped the child’s thumb and released him or her to go home.

UP News Mirzapur Hospital Reattaches 4-Day-Old Girl's Thumb VIDEO!!!
UP News Mirzapur Hospital Reattaches 4-Day-Old Girl’s Thumb VIDEO!!!

Sure, doctors displayed poor medical ethics

Nonetheless, the relative re-visited the medical facility with the girl when the wound still showed no signs of healing.

Hospital staff were rude to the family members who accompanied her to the emergency room. According to the baby girl’s father, hospital staff rebuffed his request for medical attention when he inquired about his daughter.

Wrapped the thumb with tape

The newborn daughter received simply a bandage on her injured thumb from medical workers. This is a tragic case of medical malpractice by the hospital administration.

Pictures of the girl’s wounds have been widely shared online. The girl’s thumb has a deep wound, as the metaphor suggests. While the hospital staff should have done more, they taped the baby’s thumb and sent the family home.

The man claiming to be the grandpa of the newborn girl recounts his harrowing hospital experience in a video posted online four days after the baby’s birth.

He explained that they begged the doctor to treat the youngster properly, but the doctor ignored them. He added that even animals get better treatment than this.

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We must take action

The government must take appropriate action against these doctors to reduce the prevalence of medical malpractice in the country. But the administration has ignored these instances.

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