Panchkula Nightclub Fight Over Booze Bill Goes Violent; Accused Attack Staff With Swords

In the early hours of Sunday, a group of men beat a waiter and staff at a Haryana nightclub after an argument escalated over the payment of a liquor bill, according to reports from New Delhi. After a dispute over a Rs 23,000 liquor bill, the suspects dragged the waiter with their car and assaulted other personnel. The event occurred inside a club in Panchkula’s Sector 20. Everything that happened was captured on surveillance footage.

Parties lasting until 4 a.m. and arguments over who should pay

After a four-hour party, the club personnel approached a group of two men and three women to collect the Rs 23,000 in food and drink tab. A brawl broke out between the two men and the nightclub bouncers after the debate over the bill escalated. Someone at the party called a friend on the phone to get the situation under control.

Later, a car full of masked assailants using clubs and blades attacked the club’s employees. A report on NDTV online claims that three ladies among the visitors also participated in the fighting, kicking and punching each other and swinging their swords.

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A dispute over a Rs 23,000 alcohol bill escalates into violence.

After the altercation took a violent turn, five of the group, including the women, attempted to depart the area when a waiter tried to stop and ask them to pay the bill. The waiter, who was only 18 years old, named Jayant, was carried by the vehicle for around 100 meters. Jayant got significant wounds including fractures in both hands. Panchkula Civil Hospital is now caring for him. Sector 20 police officers responded to the scene and opened an inquiry after the occurrence.

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