Punjab: Elderly Man Dies After Stray Cow Drags Him in Mohali!!

In a heart-wrenching incident that shook the town of Mohali in Punjab, tragedy struck when 83-year-old Saroop Singh lost his life in a horrifying encounter with a stray cow. This shocking incident unfolded as the hapless Singh was dragged for approximately 100 meters by the frantic bovine, a video of which has since gone viral on various social media platforms.

The Fatal Encounter

The situation took a tragic turn as this terrifying ordeal unfolded on a road bustling with vehicular traffic. To make matters worse, Singh inadvertently collided with a few of these vehicles during the harrowing episode. The chain of events leading to this unfortunate incident commenced when an uncontrollable cow forcibly entered Singh’s residence.

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Captured on Camera

The horrifying visuals of Saroop Singh being mercilessly dragged by the panicked cow were captured by a surveillance camera, leaving viewers in shock and disbelief. The video quickly gained traction on social media, spreading like wildfire and sparking discussions across various online platforms.

In times like these, our hearts go out to the family and friends of Saroop Singh as they grapple with the loss of their loved one in such a tragic and unexpected manner. The incident serves as a stark reminder of the unpredictable nature of life and the importance of staying vigilant, especially when faced with unexpected and potentially dangerous situations.

While we cannot change the past, we can strive to raise awareness about such incidents, emphasizing the need for responsible handling of domestic animals and the importance of community safety. Our thoughts and prayers are with Saroop Singh’s family during this difficult time, and we hope that lessons can be learned from this tragic incident to prevent such mishaps in the future.

We encourage you to share this story to help raise awareness about the importance of animal control and safety, as well as to show support for the grieving family in their time of need.

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