Punjab: Man Kills Wife With Axe in Crowded Market in Sangrur, Attempts Suicide

From the Sangrur area of Punjab comes news of a tragic event involving violence against women. In broad daytime, a man is said to have attacked and killed his wife with an axe in Sangrur.

The event took place at Sangrur’s busy Sunam Market. After beating his wife in the middle of an active Sangrur market, the guy reportedly tried to commit suicide by drinking poison.

It has been stated that a divorce proceeding between the husband and wife is still ongoing. The situation became grave when the husband murdered his wife in Sunam Market with a bladed instrument.

The man had seen his wife in the market and, in a rage, had struck her with an axe amid the marketplace, killing her.

After killing his wife, the man drank poison in an apparent suicide attempt. He is now in the care of medical professionals at a local hospital.

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There is a viral video of the incident circulating online. The husband shown on camera with an axe after attacking his wife can be seen in the market. People are seen congregating around the defendant.

The market crowd pelted the accused husband with bricks and a bucket of water. The accused loses his cool after realizing others have been throwing trash at him. They throw bricks at him, and then he turns around and threatens the group.

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