Mumbai Minor Rams SUV Into Senior Citizen In Powai’s Chandivali, Horrible Images

A teenager, only 14 years old at the time, was driving his parents’ automobile and fatally struck an elderly person in Mumbai’s Chandivali neighborhood. CCTV cameras recorded the incident. The clip has been widely shared on social media. The footage clearly shows the young man driving his SUV into the pedestrian senior citizen. The young driver was reportedly operating the family SUV.

The automobile struck the old man after crashing into it

A senior citizen is seen leaving a colony’s gate on Nahar Amrit Shakti Road in Chandivali as the video begins. The elderly man had emerged for the day and was out walking. The SUV was also seen exiting the premises through the same gate. The SUV began its assault on the colony by colliding with an autorickshaw parked at the entrance. The car slammed into the man, who was walking along the side of the road, and then hit him.

After hitting the car and the old man, the child ran away

After hitting the vehicle and the elderly guy, the teen sped away in his SUV. The footage clearly shows that the young driver lost control of the vehicle after exiting the gate and making a left turn. He lost control and swerved sharply, colliding with the car and the elderly man who had been wandering along the shoulder.

Rams SUV
Rams SUV

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The elderly man is in critical condition

According to reports, the elderly guy suffered serious injuries in the collision. And was taken there for medical attention. Officials at the hospital have recommended that the elderly guy stay in bed for the next three months. The child’s parents were arrested for child neglect. The child’s parents reportedly paid a fine of Rs 5,000 to have their son released. This is a big problem that puts pedestrians in danger. Parents shouldn’t let their kids drive their automobiles because it’s unsafe for pedestrians and the youngsters themselves.

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