Reliance Jio: Unveiling Netflix Bundled Prepaid Plans

In a groundbreaking move, Reliance Jio, India’s premier telecom operator, has taken a bold step into entertainment. They have become the pioneer in offering Netflix bundled prepaid plans.

Now, not only can you enjoy a Netflix subscription for free with select Jio postpaid mobile and fiber broadband plans, but with the launch of two exciting new prepaid packages, Jio extends this incredible offer to its prepaid mobile customers.

Netflix, recognized as one of the most sought-after OTT (over-the-top) content platforms globally, is often perceived as expensive in the Indian market. However, this has changed. Indian viewers can now access Netflix without additional cost, provided they are Reliance Jio prepaid mobile service subscribers.

In this article, we’ll delve into the details of these two innovative prepaid plans from Jio that have brought the world of Netflix closer to its customers.

Reliance Jio Netflix Bundled Prepaid Plans

1. Reliance Jio Rs 1099 Plan

Entertainment in Your Palm

The first of these groundbreaking plans is the Reliance Jio Rs 1099 Plan. This plan offers Jio’s prepaid customers an impressive package. Subscribers will enjoy 2GB of daily data, unlimited 5G data as part of the 5G Welcome Offer, unlimited voice calling, 100 SMS/day, and access to a wide array of Jio apps.

The cherry on top is the plan’s validity, which spans an impressive 84 days. But the real game-changer here is that users of this plan will also receive a complimentary subscription to Netflix Mobile.

2. Reliance Jio Rs 1499 Plan

More Data, More Entertainment

The Reliance Jio Rs 1499 Plan’s second offering shares many similarities with its Rs 1099 counterpart. With a validity of 84 days, it offers unlimited voice calling, 100 SMS/day, access to Jio apps, and the enticing 5G Welcome Offer with complete data.

However, the critical difference lies in the data allocation. Subscribers of the Rs 1499 plan get a generous 3GB of daily data, making it ideal for those with a high data appetite. As a bonus, users of this plan will gain access to a Netflix Basic subscription at no extra cost.

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Conclusion The Choice is Yours

In conclusion, Reliance Jio’s strategic move to introduce Netflix bundled prepaid plans is a game-changer in the Indian telecom and entertainment industry. Now, subscribers can choose between the Rs 1099 and Rs 1499 plans, depending on their data needs.

With 2GB of daily data, the former provides a Netflix Mobile subscription, while the latter, with 3GB of daily data, unlocks Netflix Basic. It’s a win-win for consumers, offering both value and entertainment. So, if you’re a Reliance Jio prepaid mobile service subscriber, it’s time to explore these exciting new plans and dive into the world of unlimited data and premium Netflix content.

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