Sania Akhtar, a Bangladeshi Woman With a Child, Claims an Indian Man Married and Left Her

A Bangladeshi woman claimed she married an Indian man based in Noida three years ago; they now had a child, but he refuses to return to Bangladesh with them. To “take her husband back,” as she put it, the widow traveled to India on a visa.

Sania Akhtar went to the police because she said her ex-boyfriend, Saurabh Kant Tiwari, refused to get back with her.
The couple tied the knot in Dhaka, Bangladesh.

The woman told the cops everything that had happened. She claims that she married Saurabh Kant Tiwari, an Indian man currently residing and working in Dhaka, Bangladesh.

The lady further alleged that Saurabh had a Muslim wedding with her. The lady mentioned that they have a child together. The footage revealed that she and the baby had traveled to India. Someone retweeted the tweet comparing her to Seema Haider.

After promising to come back, the man allegedly abandoned his female companion

The woman stated that the man informed her he had to return to India for work when she was pregnant but promised to return shortly. But, she said, he never came back. Sania said Saurabh worked at the Dhaka-based Culti Max energy private limited.

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She has already expressed a desire to move in with Saurabh wherever he may be, whether India or Bangladesh.

According to reports, the police in Noida Sector 62 detained the woman after she arrived in Nodia and made her presence known.

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