Sehaj Arora Death Rumors Spread After Couple’s Video Went Viral!!

Sehaj Arora is a well-known figure on social media who possesses a sizable following across a variety of social networking sites. She is well-known for co-owning a business with her spouse, Gurpreet Kaur, which has brought them much success.

The duo is well-known in the community as the Kulhad Pizaa couple, and as of late, they have become the topic of conversation in the city. It all started when a purportedly private video of theirs was made public.

The couple has been drawn into controversy as a result of a video that has gone viral, and numerous rumors are also spreading across various online sites. Just recently, another rumor connected to Sehaj Arora’s death by suicide went viral, leaving everyone in disbelief.

Are Sehaj Arora Death Rumors True?

The internet was rife with speculations that Sehaj Arora had committed suicide, and these claims first surfaced after a video of her and her husband went viral. It was alleged that an intimate moment between the Kulhad Pizaa couple was caught on camera.

Their purported private video was made public by a girl who had previously worked at Arora’s well-known pizzeria but was let go due to her bad performance. She is the one who leaked the footage.

Are Sehaj Arora Death Rumors True
Are Sehaj Arora Death Rumors True

As a result of the video being leaked, Sehaj and her husband have been targets of online trolls, and their names have been associated with a number of rumors as a result of the association.

One more thing that is connected to Arora’s attempt to commit suicide has been making the rounds on the internet recently. There is currently no fact on this, and reputable media sources have not provided any information regarding this matter.

Because of this reality, we are forced to consider the possibility that the viral topic could have spread despite the absence of any facts.

Where Is Sehaj Arora After The Incident?

After her video went viral, Sehaj Arora has been staying out of the spotlight as much as she can. Aside from this, her husband, Gurpreet Kaur, has posted a couple of videos on Instagram in relation to the controversy that has gone viral.

The two people have angrily refuted the persistent reports and asserted that the video that has gone viral is fake. Some reports even suggested that artificial intelligence was responsible for producing the video.

Take a look at the Twitter post below, which states that Sehaj Arora has claimed that AI was used to generate the clip.

The Kulhad Pizza couple recently became parents. When the video became viral, they typically said that they had been busy and did not understand what had happened.

Has The Video Of Sehaj Arora Been Substituted?

Due to the fact that Sehaj Arora and her spouse, Gurpreet Kaur, are going through difficult times as a result of their video being released, they have asked for assistance from the general public.

Maintain your familiarity with the following topics:

It was reported that the viral video in question was modified, and it was also mentioned that the viral video in question was the result of an extortion supply. Arora, who was clearly upset, appealed to the crowd, requesting that people restrict the distribution of the video.

The videos that each of them shared have already received a significant number of views. A statement was made stating “that a” girl who worked at the couple’s pizzeria had shared the video. Arora asserted that the girl had wanted a ransom in exchange for not disclosing the private video.

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