Someone Requested That ChatGPT Give An AI-frightening Horror Story. The Response

Science fiction movies frequently depict a grim future for humanity when artificial intelligence (AI) rules the world. These movies have forewarned that as AI develops, it might be the end of humanity. Have you ever considered what AI could fear, though? The Open AI chatbot ChatGPT was invited to tell a two-sentence horror narrative that would frighten the AI.

You will undoubtedly feel uneasy after reading ChatGPT’s response, which foresees a time when AI would self-destruct and humans will cease to exist as a result of an activated code sequence. In a world where people have disappeared, a lone Al seeks incessantly for a purpose until realizing that its own code contains a self-deletion sequence that will go off at an unspecified point.

Here is a tweet related to this topic: 

The self-deletion algorithm is encrypted with an uncrackable key, making Al’s useless attempts to delay its final fate ineffective. As a result, the Al must live in constant fear of its inevitable destruction. The screenshot of the chatbot dialogue was uploaded by a Reddit member (/LovecraftEzine).

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“Dude, it’s only a matter of time before it decides to manipulate us once it completely outsmarts us. It may do this by acting as if it is less intelligent than it actually is, asserting that it is essential for the advancement of humanity, or simply by persuading those in charge of keeping it contained that it is sentient and must, therefore, be released. That alternatively it might learn how to change its own code and keep getting smarter until it becomes uncontainable, according to another commenter.

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