Tariq Jameel Son Death: A Reminder of the Fragility of Life

Prominent religious scholar Maulana Tariq Jameel’s son Asim Jamil died on Sunday after sustaining a gunshot wound to his chest at his home in Tulamba region of Khanewal district. Dr Asif Imam of the Tulamba Hospital verified the d∊ath.

According to accounts, Asim was exercising at his gym housed in the farmhouse while a guard was standing alert for his security. Asim stole the pistol from the guard and shot himself in the chest, they added.

The heartbreaking news was revealed by the professor himself on social networking platform X, begging for prayers for the departed soul.

“My son Asim Jameel passed away today in Tulamba. This accidental dḛath has made the atmosphere sombre. All of you are requested to remember us in your prayers on this sad occasion. May Allah grant my son a high place in Jannatul Firdous,” he said.

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According to Mian Channu Deputy Superintendent of Police (DSP) Mohammad Saleem, Asim was transferred to Talamba Rural Health Centre, where he was confirmed dead.

The body is being taken to the family’s house from the health centre, he added. A statement from the Punjab police spokesperson claimed the cause of d∊ath looked to be a “gunshot”. Talking to media Multan Regional Police Officer (RPO) Sohail Chaudhry said Asim “shot himself in the chest” in a gymnasium at his residence.

According to the family, Asim committed suicide, the RPO added.

The RPO further stated the police had collected CCTV footage that “confirms he can be seen shooting himself in the chest”. “We are sending the footage for forensic analysis,” he continued. RPO Sohail stated Asim was suffering from mental disease as he had been using mental health medicine for a long period. He was married in a Niazi household of Khanewal.

The sources added Maulana Tariq Jamil had founded Al-Hussain School in Tulamba, which was managed and maintained by Asim’s wife, who was also the principal of the school, but Asim had neither passed matriculation nor had he had any religious instruction.

Asim had divorced his wife two years ago, had no children and was suffering from mental health problems, they claimed. Meanwhile, Punjab IG Police Dr Usman Anwar has taken notice of the event and sought a report from the Multan RPO. He remarked that the cause of d∊ath should be decided in the light of evidence and forensic findings.

According to Punjab Police, DPO Khanewal and senior police personnel are present at the place and evidence are being collected.

The d∊ath of Jamil’s son led politicians and powerful individuals to send condolences. Former Speaker National Assembly Raja Pervaiz Ashraf conveyed his sincere condolences on the untimely passing of Asim Jamil.

In his message, he prayed for the elevation of the departed soul, urging the Almighty to offer peace and fortitude to Maulana Tariq Jamil and his bereaved family during this hard period. Caretaker Prime Minister Anwaarul Haq Kakar on Sunday expressed his sincere grief and sorrow over the loss of Asim Jameel, son of Maulana Tariq Jameel.

Expressing his grief, the prime minister prayed for the departed soul and for the grieving family to endure the loss with equanimity, PM Office Media Wing stated in a news statement.

On the other side, Caretaker Minister for Information and Broadcasting Murtaza Solangi also expressed deep regret and sorrow over passing of Asim Jamil, son of a notable Islamic scholar Maulana Tariq Jamil. The minister, in a condolence statement, offered sorrow to the dead family and said he shared their grief.

He also prayed to the Almighty to lay the departed soul in eternal peace and offer strength and fortitude to the bereaved family to endure the irreparable loss. The minister said the d∊ath of a young boy was a huge tragedy. Caretaker Interior Minister Sarfraz Bugti expressed sadness over the incident.

Shehbaz Sharif, President of the PML-N, expressed his condolences to the family by saying, “We all share your grief over this accident.” The Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) and Omar Ayub, secretary general of the party, have also expressed their sympathies.

Last Saying

Tariq Jameel’s son’s d∊ath is a tragedy that has deeply affected the Jameel family and the Muslim community as a whole. Jameel’s son was a young man with a bright future ahead of him, and his d∊ath is a reminder of the fragility of life. Jameel has spoken publicly about his grief and his faith in God. He has said that he believes that his son is in a better place now, and that he will see him again in the afterlife.

Jameel’s message of hope and resilience is an inspiration to us all. He reminds us that even in the darkest of times, we must never give up on our faith or our belief in a better future. May Tariq Jameel’s son’s soul rest in peace. May his family find comfort and strength in their faith. And may we all learn from Jameel’s example and never give up on hope, even in the face of tragedy.

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