Official Tejas Trailer Released: Get a Glimpse of the Action

As the nation marked the Indian Air Force Day on October 8, the fervor was notably augmented by the release of the trailer for Kangana Ranaut’s much-anticipated film, ‘Tejas’. The actress, known for her indomitable spirit, unveils a new chapter as she steps into the combat boots of Air Force pilot Tejas Gill.

Tejas isn’t just a character for Kangana; it’s a sterling tribute to the relentless valor of the Indian Air Force. The film, touted as India’s maiden aerial action extravaganza, is set against the backdrop of a crucial rescue mission in 2016, led by a female fighter pilot. It’s a narrative that not only celebrates the courage of our soldiers but also elevates the discourse on women breaking the glass ceiling in traditionally male-dominated realms.

The trailer, released on a day commemorating the heroics of the Indian Air Force, opens with a formidable sight of IAF fighter jets soaring through the skies, setting the stage for a narrative loaded with high-octane action and emotional tumult. The story unfolds around a perilous rescue mission in enemy territory, following the capture of an Indian spy in Pakistan. Kangana’s character, Tejas, underscores the essence of valor with a potent line, “Every time, dialogue cannot be the solution. Sometimes, you need to fight it out with your enemy on the battlefield.”

Kangana Ranaut, known for diving deep into her roles, underwent a grueling four-month training regimen to master the special combat techniques employed by the Indian forces, adding a veneer of authenticity to her portrayal. The detailed depiction of combat sequences, coupled with the emotional undercurrents of soldiers’ lives, is bound to resonate with the audience.

Tejas Trailer
Tejas Trailer

‘Tejas’ is helmed by Sarvesh Mewara and produced by Ronnie Screwvala. The film, scheduled to grace the theaters on October 27, is not merely a cinematic experience but a homage to the indomitable spirit of the Indian Air Force. The trailer release on Indian Air Force Day isn’t just a marketing strategy, but a well-timed tribute to the real heroes safeguarding the skies.

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Trailer of Tejas 

The excitement is palpable, not only for the cinematic narrative but for the underlying message of valor, sacrifice, and breaking gender stereotypes. As Kangana shared the trailer on the X platform, her words echoed the sentiment of a resolute nation ready to defend its sovereignty, ”Ab aasman se dushman pe waar hoga, ab Jung ka elaan hoga! Ye woh Bharat hai, jisko chhedoge toh woh chhodega nahi! #AirForceDay”.

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With ‘Tejas’, the skies aren’t the limit, but just the beginning. The film is bound to evoke a sense of pride and respect toward our armed forces while propelling discussions on gender equality in every sphere of life.

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