Tension After Communal Violence, Section 144 Imposed in Shivamogga!!

In a recent turn of events, the Shivamogga district administration has taken swift action by clamping down on prohibitory orders in the Ragi Gudda area. The decision follows a disturbing incident where a procession came under attack, with reports of stone-pelting causing injuries to at least five individuals, as confirmed by the local police

Rumors Sparked Chaos

According to the report from the news media, an agitated crowd reportedly hurled stones at a few houses and vehicles. This incident was allegedly triggered by rumors circulating that the Eid Milad procession had also faced stone-pelting earlier in the day. Watch this video

Police Respond Decisively

In response to the escalating situation, local law enforcement promptly took action, dispersing the agitated crowd and asserting control over the area.

Tension After Communal Violence, Section 144 Imposed in Shivamogga
Tension After Communal Violence, Section 144 Imposed in Shivamogga

Section 144, which restricts public gatherings, was imposed to prevent any further untoward incidents, as announced by the police.

Official Statement

Shivamogga Superintendent of Police, G.K. Mithun Kumar, provided insight into the situation, stating, “There was a stone-pelting incident in Ragigudda this evening. However, we managed to disperse the crowd, and the situation is under control now.” He further added, “Around 4-5 people sustained minor injuries. Section 144 is in force in Ragigudda to prevent any untoward incident.”

Police Actions

To restore order, the police had to resort to lathi-charges to disperse the agitated mob. Additionally, they deployed additional forces, including the Rapid Action Force, to the affected area. Authorities also took some individuals into custody in connection with the incident.

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Controversial Content Sparks Earlier Protests

Earlier in the day, the same area witnessed protests related to a cutout displayed as part of the procession. The police had partially covered the cutout due to its “bit controversial content,” which had led to discontent within the community, as explained by a police official.

Efforts to Restore Calm

To mitigate tensions, SP G.K. Mithun Kumar, along with other police officers, arrived at the scene and engaged in discussions with the local residents to bring the situation under control. Additionally, the police have urged the community to refrain from spreading rumors on social media platforms.

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