The Delhi Police Searched Former Newsclick Staffer Anusha Paul’s Pathanamthitta Home, Kerala

In a recent turn of events, the Delhi Police has initiated an extensive crackdown on the popular news portal, NewsClick. The culmination of this crackdown led to a raid at the residence of Anusha Paul, a former employee of the news portal, located near Kodumon in Kerala’s Pathanamthitta district.

During this operation, her laptop and phone were reportedly seized for examination as part of a probe into alleged funding from China. In this article, we delve into the details of this incident and its potential implications.

The Raid on Anusha Paul’s Residence

The Delhi Police’s crackdown on NewsClick reached its zenith with a raid on Anusha Paul’s residence. A three-member team from the Delhi Police was dispatched to her location to carry out the operation. During the raid, they recorded her statement and confiscated her electronic devices. This development was reported by the news agency media.

Anusha Paul’s Perspective

Anusha Paul, in her statement to reporters, shed light on the circumstances surrounding the raid. She disclosed that she was questioned extensively about her association with NewsClick and the Communist Party of India (Marxist). The range of questions posed to her was diverse, encompassing topics such as her coverage of the farmers’ protests, anti-National Register of Citizens-Citizenship Amendment Act protests (NRC-CAA), and the Centre’s management of the COVID-19 pandemic.

The Allegations

In a bold and vehement response to the Delhi Police’s actions, Anusha Paul stated, “This is a witch-hunt to threaten the organization and its employees who used to raise their voices against the Narendra Modi government and the RSS.” This statement hints at the possibility of a politically motivated crackdown on the news portal and its associates.

An Unexpected Stay in Kerala

Anusha Paul was residing in Kerala temporarily due to a close family member’s medical treatment. During the course of the raid, the Delhi Police inquired whether she had any knowledge of the Delhi state secretary of the CPI(M), KM Tiwari. This query raises questions about the extent of the investigation and its potential implications for individuals remotely connected to NewsClick.

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In conclusion, the Delhi Police’s recent crackdown on NewsClick, culminating in the raid on Anusha Paul’s residence, has raised significant questions about press freedom and the scope of such investigations. The allegations, coupled with Anusha Paul’s claims, underscore the need for transparency and accountability in such matters, as they hold implications for the broader landscape of journalism and free speech in India.

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