The Dream of One Youtuber to Hug Elon Musk Will Soon Be Realised

The Dream of One Youtuber to Hug Elon Musk Will Soon Be Realised: Fidias Panayiotou said he was about to give up when he saw a tweet from Elon Musk offering to give him a hug.

Fidias Panayiotou, a popular YouTuber, has spent over two months camped out in front of Elon Musk’s Twitter and SpaceX offices in the United States in an effort to meet the billionaire and get a hug. He even tried dressing up as a blue bird with a sign reading “Hug me Elon” outside the office to get the attention of the Twitter CEO, but he was unsuccessful. The phrase “On a mission to hug the CEO of Twitter” appears in both his bio and tweets. Mr. Musk has agreed to hug his fan, so his wish will soon come true.

Recently, Mr. Musk was spotted at the FIFA World Cup final between Argentina and France. Many kids at Doha’s Lusail Stadium begged the billionaire to give the YouTube star a hug. A young child is heard telling a multibillionaire in a video, “An extremely popular YouTuber is trying to give you a bear hug. A man by the name of Fidias.” Twitter’s CEO has responded to similar criticism by saying, “What am I supposed to do? How about a hug? Is it okay if I give this guy a hug?” The kids cheer, “Yes, hug him, hug him!”

The YouTuber uploaded the video and then shared it. Dm (Direct Message) him to arrange to the hug,” it says in the caption of Fidias’ video. Mr. Musk, to his surprise, said, “Will do it.” Let’s dig deep into The Dream of One Youtuber to Hug Elon Musk Will Soon Be Realised.

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The billionaire’s response to a tweet praising his modesty and kindness read: “The kids I spoke with in San Francisco had one simple request: please hug this guy. I double-checked to make sure they weren’t joking, and they were, so I’ll go with it.”

The YouTuber’s excitement was too much to contain, and he posted a video of the event to social media. He says in the video that he was about to give up when he saw Mr. Musk’s tweet and realized how close he had come to giving up. “I was going home to see my family for the holidays, but I wasn’t sure if I’d be back. And now, thanks to this tweet, I am so ecstatic that I could burst! “What he’s saying is…

On October 8, Fidias posted a video to Twitter in which he claimed to have spent the previous year filming a video in which he hugged 99 famous people, and that he hoped the 100th hug would be with his “favorite person in the whole world, Elon Musk.” While camped outside the building, he pulled a number of stunts, including dressing as Spider-Man and organizing a group of people to stand in a line to spell out “HUG FIDIAS.”

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