The Good Doctor Season 6 Episode 2 “Change Of Perspective” Recap & Review

In the first scene of the second episode of the sixth season of The Good Doctor, Lim is getting ready to go to work after 14 weeks of healing. However, she is paralyzed and needs to use a wheelchair. The staff at the hospital is happy to see her again, but Allen thinks that Lim and Shaun seem to be having trouble getting along.

Allen thinks that Lim’s paralysis is because Shaun didn’t follow Glassman’s instructions during the surgery, but Asher says that no matter what they did, no one would have known what would happen. These two still fight a lot, so that’s one thing that hasn’t changed. Allen is wrong, though, since Lim thanks Shaun for saving her life.

Dr. Daniel Perez and Dr. Danica Powell who are in their first year as residents, are meeting Shaun and Park on their first day as surgical attendings. Perez is pretty, so the nurses are already crazy about him. Park says that he should take “Handsome Dan” because it would be helpful to have someone the staff likes.

Shaun on the other hand is a realist. He thinks that being an attending won’t be much different from being a senior resident, so he doesn’t care who he ends up with.

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Reznick takes Perez before Park has a chance to get him, which makes them fight. Their relationship went bad when Park broke up with her because she wanted a job in New York. She turned it down, but now they can’t stand each other.

Lim wants to do surgery again, but Andrews doesn’t know if she will be a surgeon again. Lim is very firm about it, so Andrews has no choice but to agree as long as he goes with her to the hernia surgery. During the surgery, she is having trouble and can’t finish, so Andrews steps in.

Andrews talks to Lim after the surgery and reminds her that being Chief of Surgery is about a lot more than just “cutting.” Lim agrees but says she is impatient and won’t give up just because she failed on her first try.

She runs into Glassman, who tells her that she should change the O.R. to fit her needs so that she can do these surgeries without putting too much stress on her body.

She does what he says, and the O.R. staff helps her make changes to the room so she can do surgeries. She does the surgery again and finishes it.

Shaun is taking care of a person who needs a heart transplant, but problems with the new heart force him to stop the surgery and find another way to save the person. Powell says no to the surgery when Asher suggests a Xeno transplant. She doesn’t think it’s right to kill animals to save people, but Shaun tells her she has no other choice.

Powell says she will take her chance and doesn’t care if she loses her job. Shaun tries to ask Andrews for help with a problem he is having with a resident, but Andrews tells him that he needs to learn to make hard decisions on his own. Shaun is still worried about what to do, so he goes to see Glassman and Lea.

Glassman thinks he should give Powell a chance, but Lea says Powell’s stubbornness will only get worse over time, so he should fire her right away. Even though Glassman has more experience as a leader, Shaun decides to fire Powell because he trusts Lea more.

Later, after talking to Lim, Shaun changes his mind and decides that he will respect Powell’s decision, but he will still be her mentor. He asks her to watch the surgery from the O.R. gallery because she still needs to learn how to do it. Lucky for them, a human heart shows up just before they kill the pig they were going to use.

When a patient comes in with a lump on his neck, Reznick and Park argue again. They want to try different ways of doing the surgery. Perez says that they should use both methods, and they reluctantly agree. The surgery goes well, and Perez’s skills and quick thinking in the operating room (O.R.) impress Park.

Reznick and Park are called into Andrews’ office after the surgery, and he tells them to sort out their stuff. In the last scene, Lim has trouble getting out of her car when she gets home, and she tells Shaun that she thinks he is to blame for her inability to move.

Review of the Episode

Lim is having trouble getting used to being in a wheelchair, but I’m glad she’s still willing to go into the operating room and save lives. She went through something that changed her life, so it makes sense that she will need time to adjust.

I just hope she’ll be willing to take help since that doesn’t mean she’s weak. She blames Shaun for the way things turned out, which is sad. Do you think it’s Shaun’s fault? Do share your thoughts in the comment section below. For more such updates do follow us only on Digi Hind News.

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