The Most Played Game on Game Pass Right Now is High on Life

The Most Played Game on Game Pass Right Now is High on Life: Currently, Justin Roiland’s comedic first-person shooter is more popular than Halo and Forza Horizon 5. High On Life, a wacky first-person shooter that was recently released for PC and Xbox Game Pass, is currently the most popular game on the service, outselling both established Xbox games and long-running indie favorites like Minecraft. It’s great news for the shooter’s popularity but also a reflection of how lacking in major first-party offerings Xbox has been in 2022.

The December 13th release of High On Life on Game Pass was met with mixed reviews from critics and a shaky debut from the developer. Thankfully, a patch addressing some of the game’s most vexing performance problems arrived shortly after launch, making it more playable (so long as you can get past the game’s Rick and Morty-Esque humor). Even with the few numbers, we have from and the Game Pass app, it appears that many people have decided to give High On Life a try.

According to the “Most Popular” list of Game Pass titles available on the Xbox website as of 5:20 p.m. EST on December 19, High On Life is the service’s most-played game overall. Even though Lego Star Wars is ranked lower on the app, a quick look at the Game Pass app for Android and iOS reveals a similar story.

(My best guess as to why there is a negligible discrepancy is that the app and website are using the same data but are accessing it at different times.) On the PC Game Pass app, High On Life is also a top pick, even more so than Darktide or Microsoft Solitaire. Let’s dig deep into The Most Played Game on Game Pass Right Now High on Life.

On the one hand, this is fantastic news for Squanch Games and Justin Roiland, the studio behind High On Life. It’s been reported that the new shooter is very popular on both Xbox and PC. That’s fantastic news for the game’s developers (and AI algorithms), and it’s refreshing to see a brand-new intellectual property succeed at a time when it seems like every other game is a remake, sequel, or reboot.

On the other hand, this may be seen as a minor criticism of Game Pass in its current form, given the lack of notable, recently released first-party titles. Microsoft has been unable to release any major exclusives in 2022, while Sony and Nintendo have been releasing games like God of War and Pokémon.

Only one game, the historical narrative game Pentiment by Obsidian, has been released this year for Xbox and PC by a Microsoft internal studio. In comparison to Sony and Nintendo, that’s not a very impressive output regardless of how you feel about the game.

In contrast, 2021 saw the release of Halo Infinite, Forza Horizon 5, Psychonauts 2, and Age of Empires IV, all developed by Xbox Game Studios. If High on Life had been released on Game Pass in 2021, would it have fared as well and been as popular as those other games? I can’t say. Forbidden to me is a peek into parallel universes.

Smaller and medium-sized games, like Evil West and High On Life, have done better than usual, I believe, due to the lack of large games from Xbox (and in general this year). In the grand scheme of things, this is a positive development. When the biggest games that arrive on Game Pass also arrive elsewhere and Xbox’s big hitters like Gears and Halo are absent, how long will a large portion of Game Pass subscribers keep paying for the service?

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Frequently Asked Questions.

Are Rick and Morty’s references made in High on Life?

“comedic biopunk first-person shooter game” is one way to describe High on Life. It occurs in Rick and Morty’s alternate reality. In this game, the kicker is the main weapon. Gattliens are humanoid talking guns.

Could I get a PC version of High on Life?

The Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S release of High On Life, as well as the Windows version, are both now playable in their entirety as part of the Xbox Game Pass and PC Game Pass subscription services.

Which four films make up the high on life collection?

Video: Tammy and the T-Rex: High on Life Tammy and the Tyrannosaurus Rex is the first film you’ll see. Gene is seen in the Blim City home, where he is reportedly watching the 1994 schlock flick.

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